Avengers preference #21 - Part 2

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I also put in bisexual and pansexual just to include those sexualities because gay and lesbian aren't the only ones #lovewins


"I don't have a boyfriend, I, um, have a girlfriend." your daughter stuttered nervously.

"So what you mean is you're a lesbian?" Bucky asked her softly and with a lot of care in his voice.


"We love you no matter what, baby."


"Yeah, I'm gay."

Pietro walked over to his son and hugged him tightly. You joined in too and wrapped your arms around both your son and husband.

"Your father and I love you and we support you as much as we can."


"I'm a pansexual." your daughter confessed.

"It's okay, pumpkin." Peter rubbed her back. "You're pansexual and it's okay."

"Don't worry about it. We still adore you to the max."


"Mom, dad, I'm bisexual." your son said as his lips twitched in a little smile.

"Listen, son, we're totally okay with that and if anyone has a problem with your sexuality, just remind them that your dad is the Incredible Hulk."


"I'm bisexual."

"Oh, my sweet daughter," Loki stood up and kissed her forehead, "that's what you were too scared to tell us?"

"Yeah, I didn't know how you'd react."

"Well you can see that there's no problem. Loki and I still love you the most."


"I'm gay." your son announced and you took his hands into yours.

"It's okay, sweetheart. We support you and love you."

"Besides, everyone's a little gay." Clint added and hugged his son.


Here's the part two.

The next chapter is a bit Marvel/DC crossover. Don't hate me because of it.

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