Avengers preference #1 How you cuddle

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You two are always under a warm blanket facing each other with his arms wrapped around you.


Tony always spoons you because it makes you feel safe. Every once awhile his hand might slip up your shirt (I mean it's Tony. What else do you expect).


He lays on his side and you lay on your back with your head in the crook of his neck. During your cuddling sessions he keeps telling you how he'll do anything to keep you safe


He lays his head on your chest while both of you talk about your day and just random things.


Thor just adores when you lay your head on his chest. He plays with your hair which always makes you drift off into slumber.


After stressful missions you spooning her relaxes her the most. You play with her hair and kiss her neck.

Hello. This is my first preference and I want you tell me what you think and if you want me add somebody to the preferences.

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