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Marvel preference #10 - Cute things he does for you

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Okay so I'm writing this because I haven't done this version in a long time, but don't worry, I'll continue the outfits after this.

I added Harry Osborn, Grant Ward, Leo Fitz and Brock Rumlow and I moved Peter Parker to the Avengers preferences.


Peter Quill

He sings to you. It doesn't matter in what mood you're in. He just hugs you from behind and sings to you.


Wade brings you tacos or chimichangas. It's his favourite food. You should've seen it coming.

Johnny Storm

He keeps you warm with his powers when you're cold, especially during the night.

Harry Osborn

He randomly kisses you. It doesn't matter who you two are with or where you are, his lips are on yours.

Leo Fitz

Since he's an engineer, he makes you rings or bracelets out of extra parts.

Grant Ward

He keeps candy bars in his pockets in case you get hungry because he doesn't want his favourite girl in the world to get cranky or pissy at him.

Brock Rumlow

He texts you randomly. Good morning texts, good night texts, random "I love you" texts, are the best thing about your relationship.

Logan (I forgot him at first lol)

He lets you wear his plaid shirts or his leather jacket because he thinks you look adorable in them.



He lets you wear his flannels because he loves the way they look on you.

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