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Billionare's daughter, hunter's girl - Avengers/Supernatural crossover

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Here it is! I'm so excited to post this! The photo is the original imagine made by me which I posted on tumblr. Please go easy on me this is my first time writing a crossover. Also sorry for the grammar mistakes, English is not my mother tongue.


Y/n Stark was sitting on her soft california king bed munching on popcorn and watching Ten Inch Hero. God, that Jensen Ackles guy reminds her of her green eyed, hunter boyfriend so much. Their relationship is long distant and they only saw each other once a month. If they're lucky.

In the meantime Dean was on his way to the Stark Tower in New York City. He needed to see Y/n. He needed to hold her, kiss her, make her feel loved... Otherwise, he would lose it. With the Mark of Cain thing happening, Dean only felt calm in her presence. He felt like he has no care in the world. That's how good she makes him feel.

He reached his destination and got out of his '67 Chevy Impala. Once he made his way into the lobby of the Stark tower, he was greeted by Pepper.

"Oh, hello! I'm sorry to inform you, but Tony is busy for press right now." Pepper's words made him regret he dressed a little bit nicer. It wasn't much. He wore plain black jeans, a Batman t-shirt and a dark blue blazer. "How much press do Avengers have to deal with on a daily basis?" he thought to himself.

"Um... I'm not from the press. My name's Dean Winchester and I'm here to see Y/n." the hunter politely explained.

"Oh, you're Dean? I'm so sorry. I'm Pepper Potts." she introduced herself and extended her hand which Dean gripped firmly and said "Nice to meet you."

"You too, Dean. Y/n is probably in her room. Should I take you to see her?"

"If it's no problem."

"Oh, don't be silly!"

Dean and Pepper took the elevator up to the 43th floor where Tony stood right in front of the door.

"I thought were done with the press." Tony with an annoyed expression.

Pepper rolled her and immediately scolded him "Tony, this is Dean Winchester. You know, Y/n boyfriend?"

"So we finally meet." Tony joked and they shook hands. Dean was fangirling a little. I mean when did a normal man like him ever get a chance to shake hands with Ironman?

A few moments later Y/n appeared behind them and called her boyfriend's name. Dean turned around only to be nearly tackled to the ground by Y/n. He gained his balance and hoisted Y/n up and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Surprise!" Dean chimed happily and gave Y/n a sweet kiss on the lips.

"Dean, you should've called. I'd put on matching underwear at least." Y/n said and leaned for another kiss.

Tony cleared his throat and all four of them sat on on the sofas. Y/n and Dean on one side and Pepper and Tony opposite of them.

Thirty minutes later Dean and Tony were drinking whiskey and really hitting it off. Now they were talking about the '67 Chevy Impala that parked on the busy street.

"It's a great car." Tony said and took a sip of whiskey.

"Yeah, I got from my old man." Dean said proudly.

"Dean, Y/n tells us you and your brother are FBI agents. So how's work?" Pepper was quick to ask. Dean and Y/n immediately looked at each other. Dean understood why she lied to them. The world only found out about extraterrestrial existence not long a go. Imagine how they would react If they found out about everything supernatural. Instead Y/n lied about Dean's job. Well at least she wasn't too far from the truth. Dean could easily show everybody a fake FBI badge and get away with it, so he wasn't mad.

"Well... it's hard, but you have to keep going."

"Wow you're exactly like Y/n described you." Pepper said in wonder. Dean really managed to impress her and Tony. He is so polite and sweet. Especially towards Y/n.

"Oh, did she?"

"She never shuts up about you." Tony pitched in with a huge grin on his face.


"What? I'm just telling the truth."

"Well you don't have to tell the truth all the time!" Y/n said hysterically which made Dean chuckle and kiss her forehead. In his eyes Y/n looked adorable when she was as red as a tomato.

"I know that Y/n is always right. You're a great guy, Dean." Tony said sincerely and looked at the hunter and his daughter. They seemed so perfect together. Like they were simply made for each other.

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