Steve Rogers imagine #4 Jealousy

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Shoutout to stellaparmaxi for requesting this one and also a huge thanks to my bff NicoleBrown541 for brainstorming with me helping me write this!


After taking care of a nasty situation with the Avengers, Steve and Y/n decided to pack their bags and head towards sunny and extremely warm Florida. They checked into the hotel, went to their room, changed into their swimsuits and went to the beach. Y/n couldn't help but to look at Steve's amazing muscular and toned body. Just thinking about his abs made her melt like ice-cream on a hot (just like Steve) day.

As soon as they got to the beach, Y/n sat on the sand. Steve quickly followed by sitting behind her and wrapping his big arms around her waist. Then he moved her hair from one shoulder to the other and dipped his head down and started kissing her neck. "You want something to drink," he asked while resting his chin on her shoulder. "Ooh! Sex on the beach," Y/n chimed happily. "You want that drink or is that suggestion for what we might do later," Steve asked and raised his eyebrow. She giggled and hit his shoulder playfully, "You know I want that every day of the week, but now I really want that drink." "Anything for you, love," Steve kissed her cheek and headed towards the bar.

Moments after some guy wolf whistled at Y/n which made her stand up and glare at him. "Hello, honey. What's an amazing girl like you doing here," the guy spoke in a thick British accent. "I'm here with somebody," she replied coldly. "Your boyfriend," the Brit rolled his eyes.

"Is there a problem," Steve suddenly appeared behind them which made Y/n feel relieved and the guy scared. "You're her boyfriend, right," he asked and gulped. "Yeah, and I'd appreciate if you left her alone," Steve gritted through his teeth. The Brit stared at him for a few seconds and then walked away taking large steps. Steve handed Y/n the cocktail and hugged her with his free hand.

"Are you okay? Did he hurt you," Steve cautiously asked her. "I'm fine. And glad you're here." "I love you," Steve said kissed her. "I love you too, Steve," Y/n said as soon as they broke the kiss.

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