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Wanted (A Percy Jackson/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. crossover) by JustAnotherGirlmcg
Wanted (A Percy Jackson/Agents JustAnotherGirlmcg
In the wake of the discovery of Inhumans, Agent, or rather, Director Phil Coulson has made it his prime priority to track and obtain all probable threats. When his missi...
Line of Fire by solivagnt
Line of Fireby Katie LP
[Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. OC] In the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D., many agents were lost. Some fell in the battle against Hydra, some switched sides and some turned out to be tr...
Saving Grant Ward by CaptainSophieStark
Saving Grant Wardby CaptainSophie
Grant Ward, double agent and evil Hydra mastermind. But what would've happened if he had someone to keep him sane? This is the story of Samantha Slater, Grant Ward's bes...
Shadows {Book one in the Coriana Johnson series} by AgentJohnson
Shadows {Book one in the Coriana Fitzsimmons Trash
Coriana Johnson is a seventeen year old girl whose life has been nearly the exact opposite of normal. She's lost pretty much everything, and the only thing she has le...
Avengers Instagram + Agents of Shield by WhatTheRicky
Avengers Instagram + Agents of Ricky Stark
basically the title this author can't decide an particular era, but pietro is undead and deke also exists so... it's not necessary to watch aos for reading this, though...
Night Flyer by RengadeWriting
Night Flyerby RenegadeWriting
Circus Freak. Dancer. Ice Skater. Trapeze Artist. Runaway. Orphan. Outcast. Experiment. Monster. All of these words have been used to describe Namara Ackermann...
Agents and Avengers watch (Not Real one) by akeber-diaz
Agents and Avengers watch (Not -S.H.I.E.L.DFam-616
Hey, this is a fanfic about the avengers crew and suprise finally meeting and learning about the Agents of Shield team. Enjoy
ᴄᴀʀɴᴀɢᴇ | leo fitz by dxrkyagami
ᴄᴀʀɴᴀɢᴇ | leo fitzby violet
Sofia Petrova - nicknamed 'carnage' is a agent of S.H.I.E.L.D handpicked by Nick Fury himself. Known as one the best agents with a terrifying yet impressive reputation P...
Chaos and Destruction by Dumbledaddys_wife
Chaos and Destructionby Dumbledaddys_wife
The Scarlet Witch the harbinger of Chaos. Th ruler of the multiverse. The Destroy of Worlds, a Kree bedtime story said to be able to bring the end of worlds . Or known a...
Agents of Shield (on hold) by Story369
Agents of Shield (on hold)by Story369
This takes place after Skye gets better. I don't own these characters.
Universe| l.fitz by Morganaallen
Universe| l.fitzby Morgan
I believe that two people are drawn together in their life time because when the universe was first created their partials were close together. So they are re-drawng to...
Daisy Johnson, Robbie Reyes, Percy Jackson by NightStrike9
Daisy Johnson, Robbie Reyes, Night Strike
This takes place on the first episode of Agents of SHIELD season four. Daisy is the vigilante known as 'Quake' and she runs into Ghost Rider after he stops a robbery, th...
Christina Stark ~ Tony's sister by AM2004_
Christina Stark ~ Tony's sisterby A
Tony was only 2 when he found out his mom was going to give him a sibling, little did he realise... she would be one of his best friends for life
The Hidden Son (Percy Jackson / Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Crossover) by cajoling
The Hidden Son (Percy Jackson / helena ;)
"What are you guys, some sort of alien hunters?" Coulson supposed that a real gun wouldn't work on...whatever these things were, but... "Alien h...
Percy Jackson, the Avengers, and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. by GeekGalaxyGirl
Percy Jackson, the Avengers, and GeekGalaxyGirl
Percy and Annabeth are finishing high school at Midtown High. Phil and his team are trying to find the terrorist, Perseus Jackson. What will Percy do when offered to s...
This is Home by samanthaswishes
This is Homeby Samantha
Daisy and Daniel's life is about to get a little more interesting after their first year together as a couple. I'm 100% sure this is not what they were hinting at in the...
Preventing the Endgame. by NourTamer8
Preventing the Nour farhat
The avengers react to an alternate reality that results in Tony Stark discovering the existence of his daughter Agent Daisy Johnson, and the Avengers reuniting to stand...
Shield - AOS by just-a-horny-MF
Shield - AOSby Katherine
Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division. Or in short, SHIELD. It means we're the line... between the world and the much weirder world. We prot...
Rebel Agent *Agents of SHIELD * by Deya0302
Rebel Agent *Agents of SHIELD *by Deya Halliwell
S.H.I.E.L.D Organization that protects the one who cannot protect themselves. The fine line between the world and the weirder world Hayley Collins is part of this organi...
Agents of Shield - Forgiveness by LordsSword
Agents of Shield - Forgivenessby Crazy
What if, instead of escaping, Grant Ward went through trial and came back to the team as repentance. Following Grant and Skye in an alternate future, this tale is loosel...