Marvel preference #12 - What you dress up as at Comic Con

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Hey, honey bunnies! You're still not late to submit questions for the Q & A chapter. You can comment or message me the questions.

C'mon, please don't leave me hanging.


Leo Fitz

Him - 11th doctor

You - Amy Pond

Grant Ward

Him - The Joker

You - Harley Quinn

Johnny Storm

Him - Captain America

You - Winter Soldier

Peter Quill

Him - Dean Winchester

You - Castiel

Brock Rumlow

Him - Batman

You - Catwoman

Logan Howlett

Him - Chewbacca

You - Han Solo

Matt Murdock

Him - Superman

You - Lois Lane

Wade Wilson

Him - Spiderman

You - Deadpool

OMG I suck at these.

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