Chapter 47: The Real Mole Revealed?

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The meeting room was filled with noise. All the agents were furious at what was going on and still mourning the loss of their fallen friends. For the first time in a long time General Williams didn't have control, she had no idea what to do. She felt like she had been hit by an asteroid after finding out about Chelsea's betrayal. She had no idea what to say or do to calm everyone down. Ethan's latest broadcast just added more weight on her shoulders.

"What are we going to do?" one agent asked.

"Yes what are we going to do? We are like sitting ducks right now!" another agent shouted out. The questions kept coming one after the other until Shiloh and the others barged into the meeting room.

"General, we need to talk, privately," Shiloh said.

"Why privately? Why can't we know what's going?" an agent asked as he stood up in rage. "All we do is obey orders, orders that we aren't allowed to ask questions about. Not this time Shiloh! We all have a right to know, especially after what happened yesterday!"

"Yeah! No more special treatment!" another said.

"You guys will know in due time," Shiloh insisted," pressurizing our boss will not lead to anything good!"

"NO! Enough is enough!" the same agent exclaimed. "You either tell us everything, or I'm walking out. We're no longer a secret, so all of us are free to leave if we want to! What is it going to be General?"

All eyes were on General Williams, cold sweat was dripping off her forehead.

"There are rules and protocols to..."

"To HELL with your rules and protocols! We are sitting ducks right now! Nothing has been done and I for my part am not going sit here and wait for death to come and find me! I'M OUT!" the agent rudely said as he stormed out of the meeting room.

"Anyone else who feels the same way may leave," General Williams said, in her heart she hoped that nobody else would. However to her dismay half of the agents in the room got up and left.

"General stop them," Shiloh said with a sense of urgency in her voice.

"Forcing them to stay is the wrong thing to do," General Williams replied calmly. "Let them be." After a couple of minutes, the meeting room was half empty and General Williams turned around to talk to the remaining agents.

"Thank you for staying. I know for now I don't have the answers that you need and want but I ask you to trust me. Given what's just happened I know it'll be tough to. But I promise when I'm given the go ahead to explain everything to everyone, I will."

"But what are we going to do about what's gonna go down at the park tonight?" a young agent asked. "People will go to him."

"We stand down and observe from far. That's the orders we have been given. We lost many members of our family yesterday, I will not lose more."

"Guess we have her for nothing," one agent remarked as he pointed to Skyler.

"Hey!" Ben said, "Skyler is the only one here with powers, but Ethan has a whole army of people like her! For her to succeed, she needs us to believe in her, no more than ever!" Skyler looked at Ben grateful eyes.

"Agent Thorne has a point," General Williams said. "We are going to hold a memorial for those we have lost in two hours. For those who have left, they are no longer part of our family. Go prepare yourselves for the memorial, afterwards we will discuss on who will be sent to observe everything that will be happening at the park."

The agents that were left got up and left the meeting room, only Ben, Shiloh and Skyler remained.

"What is it you wanted to talk to me about?" General Williams asked the three of them.

"About Ethan's broadcast. It's the perfect opportunity to send..."

"Hold that thought!" Melanie said as she entered the room.

"I'm seriously getting tired of all these interruptions!" General William said in rage.

"Well this interruption will interest you General! You need to bring Chelsea back from isolation!"

"Whatever for?" General Williams asked in surprise. "She betrayed us and half our agents left, the other half will leave if we bring her back here!"

"We need to bring her back," Melanie continued before anybody else could speak, "because she is NOT the mole! Chelsea is NOT the mole!"

The three of them stared at Melanie in disbelief. All except Skyler didn't believe a word of what Melanie had just said.

"Look Melanie, we all know you believe that everyone is good and I understand you defending Chelsea, but Skyler saw the memories. She saw everything," General Williams said.

"I know, but I had to have physical proof. Chelsea has been the heart and soul of this organization, I needed more proof. So I took out her blood and analyzed it, just like I did when Skyler got here."

"And?" General Williams asked.

"All the reports came out negative! She doesn't have an ounce of super powers in her blood!"

"So how did I see what I saw?" Skyler asked in confusion.

"That needs to be explained and for that..."

"Wait, where's Chris? Why isn't he here with you?" Shiloh asked suddenly.

"Coming to think about it, he hasn't been in the lab today since he left last night," Melanie replied thoughtfully.

"And Chris was looking after Chelsea when she was injured right?" Ben asked.

"Yeah but Melanie was with him," Skyler said.

"So? He could've very well have done something to Chelsea without Melanie noticing," Shiloh said.

"And we have no idea where is right now?" General Williams asked.

"I could track his phone," Melanie said quickly as she made her way out of the meeting room.

"We're coming with you," Skyler said.

They all followed Melanie back to the lab where she proceeded to work quickly on her laptop. Within seconds she tracked Chris' phone down.

"This can't be right," she said worriedly.

"What? What is it agent Stone?" General Williams asked.

"His... well his outside of the organization. He seems to be heading to the park."

"That can't be right, Ethan said tonight," Ben said.

"Unless he is meeting someone there, someone that works for Ethan!" Shiloh said.

"Shiloh and Skyler go intercept him quickly! Bring him back immediately!" General Williams ordered.

"And the memorial?" Shiloh asked.

"Be back before it starts. I WANT HIM TO SEE WHAT HIS TREACHERY HAS CAUSED!" General Williams shouted out as she left the lab.

"That's if his the traitor," Skyler said slowly to Melanie. Melanie nodded in agreement They still needed to get Chelsea back and General Williams had said nothing about it and now the fact that Chris of all people could be the mole did not make any sense at all. There was a missing piece to the puzzle but she couldn't figure it out yet.

"Common Skyler you heard our boss," Shiloh said. "We don't have much time."

"Talk to you when I get back," Skyler told Melanie.

"I'm gonna get ready for the memorial, you should as well Mel," Ben told her. Melanie on the other was watching Skyler and Shiloh leave then her eyes opened wide.

"I need to do some research," she said to herself. "I'll get the answers."

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