Chapter45: Isolation Amongst Other Things

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"Can you tell me why you were planning on murdering Skyler?" Ethan asked angrily.

"It what she deserves. It was my revenge!" Emily snapped back.

"Only I decide who dies and who lives, do you understand me? Skyler might not be part of my team but she still carries my gift in her veins. So in a way, I own her. Only I decide what can be done. Do you understand me Projection?"

Emily bit her lip indignantly. She knew that she has no choice but to obey. Her masked boss had given her a chance at a new life but to live it to its full potential, she had to obey.

"I understand," she finally replied.

"Good, you may leave," Ethan said.

"You know boss, girl has a point. That Skyler betrayed her in the worst possible way," Ryan said. He had been there throughout the entire conversation between Emily and Ethan.

"And she will get but only when I decide when I decide so. Do you know why I didn't send you out there tonight?"

"Nope. I was kinda wondering why. Watching everyone else have fun was hard."

"Because soon, very soon you'll be united with the one who will complete you and then both of you will lead everyone into the final war. Once we will, they will come and this city will only be a grain of sand because the world will be at our footsteps!"

"That all sounds really good but when exactly is this gonna happen?" Ryan asked. "Tonight a lot of things happened. This city isn't the same. The army hasn't even shown up yet, the police have retreated, people are in hiding. So I take it that we've already won."

"Good observation however, you are forgetting my old friends. They will not stand down and they will come back for more. Our war is with them."

"But they are gonna be so easy to defeat. They crumbled at our feet today. I don't understand, why not just destroy them now? You know where they are, it'll be so easy!"

"Because patience is always rewarded Ryan," Jade said. "Your Creator knows what he is doing. What's the fun of killing all them now, when there is something bigger to come?"

"This bigger thing better be worth the wait but in the meantime, what's next?"

"We give the people a choice. Tomorrow morning I will do another broadcast. This city is ours now Ryan."

Ryan couldn't help but smirk to himself. He felt good for once in his life and he didn't want that feeling to go away. If he had known if felt this good to be bad, he would've turned a long time ago. His confidence level was at a high, hell, he had even started loving himself. Did he feel sorry for the people he didn't know, well the answer was a plain and simple no. No one had felt sorry for him when he had become a beggar, when he had lost everything, when his entire life had come crushing down on him. The only person who gave him something to hold on to, the only person who had given a string of hope was Ethan and there was no way he was gonna let him down.

"Okay, with your permission, I'm gonna go talk to Emily and Troy." Ethan nodded at him.

"Goodnight boss, goodnight Jade," he said as he walked out of the room.

"Jade all this control feels very good. A well thought plan always succeeds, especially if you take your time to accomplish it."

"You are right sir."

"Just look at the city Jade, isn't it a beautiful sight? All that smoke, all that destruction... All that darkness. I love it."

"You are right, it is a splendid sight," Jade said as she joined Ethan by the window.

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