Chapter 25: Old School Training

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The next morning Skyler found herself face to face with Chelsea in another training room. She didn't know what to expect as she and Chelsea had never seen eye to eye.

"Okay this is how this training session is gonna work," Chelsea started off, "I wanna see what you can without the powers..."


"Do not interrupt me Skyler. The General may be the big boss, but remember one thing, I'm in charge of training you, so whatever I say goes and you just listen!"

"So what you're basically saying is that I should act like a robot when I'm here with you. You say jump, I ask how high right?" Skyler replied stubbornly.

"Well if you wanna keep people safe out there, that's exactly what's gonna go down here," Chelsea replied. There was silence for a moment, all Skyler wanted to do was read Chelsea's thoughts so that she could get the training over with.

"And when I said no powers it also meant that you don't use your telepathic bull crap on me," Chelsea added with authority. Chelsea then made her way to the only the computer in the room and typed up a few commands. Soon obstacles emerged from the bottom as the floor opened up in the middle.

"Seriously, where the hell do you guys get the money for all this?" Skyler asked in shock.

"That is none of your concern. You are gonna do the obstacle course, climb up the rope and drop down, then you will do fifty push-ups and finally finish the rest of the obstacle course. I will time you," Chelsea said.

"So I'm basically training like soldiers in the army," Skyler commented.

"Yes! You may have powers, but the powers are nothing if you don't have skill! Ok get ready... Three, two... one... Begin!"

Skyler tried her best during the obstacle course, it was harder than it looked, but luckily she had trained a lot as a teenager when her goal was to become a dancer. She tried to glance at Chelsea to see what expression she had on her face but was unable to. Finally she arrived at the rope, she stopped running and took a deep breath.

Much to her surprise and to that of Chelsea, Skyler managed to climb up the rope quickly. What surprised her even more was that when she dropped down she landed perfectly on her two feet without losing balance. Without wasting time she began to do the fifty push-ups before proceeding to finish the obstacle course. Chelsea looked at her stopwatch as she stopped the timer.

"Well your time doesn't totally suck," she commented as she looked up at Skyler, "and you didn't even break a sweat. I guess you are fitter than I expected."

"So that's a good thing right? Right?" Skyler asked.

"Well actually anyone could pass this test," Chelsea replied harshly, "let's see how you do in combat against me!"


"It means you are gonna fight against me Skyler," Chelsea said sarcastically.

"I knew what you meant I just... Never mind," Skyler said with a shrug. "I suppose I'm still not allowed to use my powers."

"Yup," Chelsea replied seriously as she pressed the same button she pressed for the obstacle course to disappear below the floor.

Skyler followed Chelsea to the middle of the room until she came to a halt.

"No weapons will be involved. We're gonna have a good old street fight," Chelsea told Skyler.

"Good old street fight? You do realize that I've never been in any kinda fight before right?"

"Yes, so this is gonna be a piece of cake."

"Really?" Skyler asked in shock.

"Yeah, but I didn't say it was gonna be a piece of cake for you!" Chelsea said as she started charging towards Skyler.

As she saw Chelsea charging towards her, something inside of Skyler clicked. Without really knowing why, Skyler felt more than ready to fight Chelsea.

Skyler easily dodged the first punch that Chelsea swerved in, but she was not ready for the kick she received straight after that in the stomach. Chelsea then proceeded to trip Skyler and she fell flat on her back.

"I told you it would be a piece of cake," Chelsea said almost evilly as she brushed off her shoulders. "This is a wonderful warm-up."

Skyler's eyes narrowed with anger as she heard Chelsea's words. She got up in a flash and tried to punch Chelsea in the face, but she easily moved out of the way and slapped Skyler in the face.

"That all you got? Thought you had powers!" Chelsea taunted. Those words summoned Skyler's inner darkness and her eyes turned into stormy blue. A vicious cloud of hot anger possessed her soul and she could no longer think straight. Every single movement she made was based on the darkness she was feeling.

"Hey I told you that you can't use your pow...." Skyler ignored Chelsea and pounced straight on her, but once again Chelsea dodged her and kicked her legs and Skyler fell on her knees. Chelsea slapped Skyler once again and that brought Skyler back to her senses.

"Didn't you listen to anything that we talked about yesterday?" Chelsea asked. "The goal was for you to learn how to control your emotions so you can better use your powers."

"How could I control my powers when all you were doing was criticizing me" Skyler asked stubbornly.

"What do you think is gonna happen when you're gonna be out there? Do you think that the bad guys are just gonna hand themselves to you on a silver platter? You think they are gonna compliment you when you are fighting them? Maybe even give you a bunch of roses?"

"I didn't..."

"Get a clue Skyler! You need to change your mindset. You aren't going back to your old life, it's never coming back. So take what we do here seriously because General Williams wants you out there and I can't let you go out there and put innocent people's lives at risk!" Skyler tried to swallow the pride that she was feeling but somehow she couldn't. "And get up now Skyler, it looks like you are worshiping me." Skyler slowly rose to her feet.

"Why are you so harsh with me?" Skyler asked as she got up. "You've been nothing but judgmental about me since I got here! I've been trying you know!"

"I'm just doing my job Ortega! You've never been in this line of work, you don't know what it's really like!"

"I never said I knew what it was like! You think I wanted this, I never..."

"Yes we all know that you want to go back to that bubble of yours, but that's never happening okay? I thought you would've understood that by now!"

"I do."

"So if you do why the hell can't you listen to simple orders? Do you know what it's like to lose someone when your on a mission Skyler? No of course you don't because you've never experienced that! I can tell you that it's a feeling that haunts you forever! It's my responsibility to bring everyone back home and I'll be damned if I lose someone again!" Skyler stared at Chelsea for a few seconds and she could see the waves of pain on her face and for the first time since she arrived at The Organization, Skyler felt sincerely sorry for Chelsea. At that very moment, Skyler swallowed her pride and decided to give her all in training.

"Do we start again?" she finally asked Chelsea.

"Yes and this time I expect better," Chelsea replied.

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