CHAPTER 10: The Creator

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Ryan woke up chained to a table. The chains were so thick and heavy that he couldn't budge, he couldn't even move his pinky finger. All he could do was stare at the white ceiling above him as he felt cold shivers traveled up and down his spine. Just then he heard a door creak open and he could tell by the footsteps he heard that two people entered the room. 

"Who's there?" he called out in a nervous voice.

"You needn't be afraid, I am here to help you," a voice replied. 

"Help me?" he asked in confusion.

"Yes. I will help you let out your rage. This city has done you wrong. It changed you from a somebody to a nobody. I can help you get your revenge... All you have to do is work for me and I will take you to heights that you've never seen before," the voice replied.

"And if I refuse?" he asked.

"Oh believe me son," the voice told him, "after you see what I can do for you, you will accept my offer. Believe me Ryan."

"How do you know my name?" Ryan asked in a shock.

"I know everything," the voice told Ryan. Ryan finally saw who was talking to him, he was a masked man and standing next to him was a young woman.

"This is my assistant. Her name is Jade. She will help you during the whole process. I can help you Ryan, help you destroy the hurt, shame and rejection that you have inside of you. I can give you power beyond your imagination. Work with me and I will give you a purpose again. You have nowhere to go; I'm not only offering you a job, but a home too. What do you say?"

"Hard for me to say yes to a guy that's wearing a mask," Ryan pointed out.

"Wow! You are actually talking like you have a choice! Dude, you're literally chained to the table," Jade noted with ease. Ryan gulped slowly, he knew that Jade was right and he was sure if he continued to resist, they'd probably just kill him.

"And what would I need to do?" Ryan asked cautiously.

"You'll find out with time... So can we assume that you are on board?" the masked man asked.

"Yeah, I'm in," Ryan replied as he tried to sound confident. 

"Good, very good," the masked man said. "Jade untie him and then bring him to me once all procedures have been completed." Jade nodded as she watched her boss leave the room.

"So does our masked boss have a name?" Ryan asked curiously as Jade started to untie him.

"He is The Creator," Jade replied with a devilish smile.


"You'll understand soon enough Ryan," Jade said with a chuckle. Ryan watched Jade as she started to slowly free him from the cold unfriendly chains he had been tied to. She had short straight black hair, she had cut it almost like a boy. Her eyes were a little squinted but he could see that they were light green. He wondered if her eyes were really green or if she wore contacts.

"What are you staring at?" Jade asked once she had completely freed him. "Haven't you seen a woman with short hair before or what?"

"No..." Ryan said slowly, "I was just wondering if your eyes are actually green or if you're wearing contacts?"

"Wait cause someone like me can't have green eyes?" Jade fired back.

"No, no i didn't mean it that way... I just..."

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