CHAPTER 12: The Other Side of The Organization

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Melanie led Skyler to another part of the facility; she explained that it was further underground. She told Skyler that they had to work in the dark because there were other dangers that society was not aware of. The walls of the facility were plain old brick walls, the orange color of the bricks were slightly faded. Skyler could tell that the building wasn't a new one, it had just been renovated to accommodate all the technology and all the agents.

"This place is something," Skyler observed out aloud, "where do you guys get the money? The comfortable quarters? The meeting rooms? Your med bay and this place we're going to right now?"

"All I can tell you is that we have generous donors, people who believe in our cause and believe that sometimes security needs to be kept secret." Melanie's answer puzzled Skyler, she couldn't understand why national security had to be kept a secret from people. Melanie noticed her puzzled expression and decided to start explaining everything.

"Four years ago something happened in this town, an unknown race of aliens came down to earth and they were not the friendly kind. They could shape shift into human beings and the level of crime increased rapidly. We didn't understand what was going on, but then an agent found out..."

"Hold up, how did he or she find out?" Skyler asked curiously.

"He created thermal drones and sent them around the city, we needed to find out how we never caught any of the 'humans' and why they always got away."

"Thermal drones you say, like measuring body temperature and stuff?"

"Yeah, something like that, it was only then that we found out we had aliens in our midst."

"Wow, that must've been shocking!" Skyler exclaimed in astonishment.

"Yeah, it definitely was. He also found a way to eliminate them, but he had a different plan in mind. He explained his findings and said that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to use the aliens technology to our advantage. He wasn't thinking about the hundreds of people that live in this city, those weapons could have done more damage than good; he understood that, we all did. So the General decided to destroy everything that had to do with the aliens. After months and months of preparation and having lost so many battles, we got the upper hand and managed to get the better of them. But... Everything disappeared, the aliens and their technology and so did the agent that had other plans for them."

Skyler stared at Melanie for a few seconds, her mouth wide open. Everything that Melanie told her seemed like it came straight out of one of those comic books or graphic novels. If she hadn't been through everything she had experienced, she would've never believed a word of what Melanie had just told her.

"So the aliens are still out there?" she finally brought herself to ask. "I mean I never noticed anything, I was still here four years ago, so what you are telling me doesn't make sense at all Melanie."

They finally entered the office that was separated from the rest of the facility. Skyler was in awe at what she saw, it was nothing compared to what she had seen earlier. There were LCD screens everywhere, some agents were testing drones, but what Skyler next took her by utmost surprise. There was one huge LCD screen which had to be connected to satellites in space and those satellites must've had camera's attached to them because she could see the dark void that humans called Space. 

"All this is amazing! On one hand you monitor the city and on this huge screen you monitor space!" she told Melanie as she admired what she saw for a few more seconds. "However, all this doesn't explain what you told me, you know that right?"

"I know it does seem hard to understand, but all the proof you need is here. Shiloh and the others work exclusively in this section, they are field agents trained to face dangers that aren't human. We survey space all the time but our greatest enemy is here on earth. We have been trying to track our traitor since he left but he has always managed to get the better of us. Here, take a look at this tablet, there are files linked to everything that happened these past few years," Melanie told Skyler.

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