Crossroads by foyah689
Crossroadsby foyah689
An Erotic journey of discovery
  • romance
  • selfdiscovery
  • discovery
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The Dutch Boy (BxB) by Pixie022
The Dutch Boy (BxB)by Pix
An arsonist with a leather jacket and a sexy Dutch accent. And a shy kid from school who works in the local pet shop. The idea that the pair could ever cross paths - let...
  • depression
  • petshop
  • comingoutofthecloset
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Maliha by Layla-A-D
Malihaby Layls_
Maliha is a wanderer. She has been for the past 3 years. Her journey began the day the man she loved betrayed her for her adoptive sister's hand in marriage. In a heartb...
  • runaway
  • strongfemalelead
  • elemental
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Possession | MxM by keychainless
Possession | MxMby ⒸⓇⓛⓃⒼⒺ
High school parties are usually full of alcohol, loud music, and "fun" (subjectively). Keith Cooper, however, plans on going home after everyone reeks of adult...
  • love
  • jealousy
  • interracial
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The Tiger at Westwood High [BxB] by Liongaze
The Tiger at Westwood High [BxB]by Leah
Being new to the school and constantly jumping in to situations that don't concern him is really going to get him killed. Especially if the so called Tiger is involved.
  • lgbt
  • teenagers
  • boyxboyromance
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Smitten Kitten by hyrule
Smitten Kittenby ヽ/❀o ل͜ o\ノ
Vika's always had a pretty decent grasp on a man's brain- touch his arm, laugh at his jokes, and always invest in a good bra. And to be fair, it's never lead her wrong b...
  • cat
  • romance
  • lovestory
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What's Best For Me (Mature) by DLittleWriter
What's Best For Me (Mature)by D.S. Little
This is the third book in the "Unapologetically Me" series. If you haven't read "Unapologetically Me" and "A Silenced Gift" please don't re...
  • fiction
  • friendship
  • blacklit
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All This Time 💍 | ✓ by LillieVale
All This Time 💍 | ✓by lillie ∙ लिली
?‼️ FEATURED IN COSMOPOLITAN ‼️? ? PROMOTED BY TNT ? I give as good as I get, and between fevered pants and inflamed kisses over his lips and n...
  • romance
  • bestfriends
  • grief
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The Sound of Ice by MAndALaptop
The Sound of Iceby M
Cameron Beckett, at only seventeen years old, is an incredibly gifted hockey player. The pressure on him increases when he begins to struggle with his sexuality. [wattpa...
  • nhl
  • featured
  • toronto
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Forever August ✔️ by alexlightstories
Forever August ✔️by ho ho alex
|| a featured story || Aurora never planned on spending her final month alive falling in love. When she meets Gus, a curious boy who is all too eager to waste away the...
  • youngadult
  • explore
  • romance
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The Curves Ahead - Wattpad Award Winner by Blondeanddangerous
The Curves Ahead - Wattpad Award Kate J. Squires
Watty Award winner for HQ Love. Curvy Evianna has it all - as the host of a number one talk show, she's adored by millions of Australian TV viewers, has a gorgeous co-s...
  • confidence
  • bodyimage
  • wattywinner
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Bitter Brews ☕ | ✓ by LillieVale
Bitter Brews ☕ | ✓by lillie ∙ लिली
Twenty-three-year-old Babe (who goes by Barbara, anyway?) Vogel is ready for her next big adventure. Adventure with a capital B. As in boyfriend. And she knows exactly w...
  • selfdiscovery
  • newadult
  • newadultreads
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Magnus Bane 101 (Malec AU) by HelloHeidi_101
Magnus Bane 101 (Malec AU)by HelloHeidi_101
Alec Lightwood has always known who he was... Right? He has everything he ever wanted and needed in his family, his farm and his cows... Right? So why does a chance enco...
  • malec
  • dance
  • lightwood
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Shot on Goal by winx1348
Shot on Goalby emma rose
"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." - Wayne Gretzky Working as a bartender was never what Joelle Morrow envisioned herself doing at 24. She thought sh...
  • romance
  • wattpadstars
  • featured
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golden boys. by wildestyouth
golden لبنا حسين
❝oh, but they're the golden boys, darling. they can't go wrong.❞ 01012018 ( © wildestyouth )
  • goldenboys
  • heartbreak
  • adventure
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How to Be a Girl by IVEYDOCX
How to Be a Girlby Ivey
After learning the hard way that being "one of the guys" has its disadvantages (such as having your crush laugh at you in the face after you confess), Jordan e...
  • selfdiscovery
  • university
  • diversity
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The Nanny by naia22
The Nannyby N A I L A 🌙
"You are fired," he said, as my heart broke into tiny pieces. "No please sir, don't separate me from Imad. I beg of you," I pleaded in agony. What s...
  • wattys2018
  • sadness
  • drama
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The Multitudes Within Me (TSOI Sequel) by MAndALaptop
The Multitudes Within Me (TSOI M
What haunts Sam Hughes? Book 2. [wattpad featured story]
  • samhughes
  • mentalhealth
  • boston
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The Moon Distant (The Moon Born Series #1) by calmwolf
The Moon Distant (The Moon Born Violet Whiteheart
The beasts lurk in the shadows. After years of biding her time, Maisie Castell escaped the Moon Distant, only to find the world crumbling into an inevitable darkness. ...
  • adventure
  • mates
  • trust
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Flawed Hearts 💞 by Jidderh_K
Flawed Hearts 💞by Sassy_weirdo
✒ First place winner of the 2018 WOC awards Loneliness and depression were her most loyal companions, she found comfort in solitude. Reading was her reprieve from the w...
  • nigeria
  • freementalillness
  • biracial
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