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Skyler woke up with a jolt when the emergency alarm sounded. She woke up in a hurry and ran as fast as she could to Melanie's room. She didn't even notice that she was still in her pj's and had no shoes on. As soon as she got to Melanie's room she started to bang her door.

"Melanie!" she shouted, "what's going on?" No response. "Dammit! She is probably already where Shiloh and the others are!"

Skyler ran straight to the elevator that would take her to where her sister and the others went on missions. She arrived there almost breathless.

"You finally arrived," Shiloh told her sarcastically. "And under dressed too!" It was only then that Skyler realized that she was still in her sleeping clothes.

"We don't have time for this Shiloh," Chelsea commented, "what we all need to do is pay attention to the LCD screens."

Skyler then looked at the screen and saw all the chaos in the city.

"It looks like our friend is back!" Chelsea said again. "He is destroying all those luxury apartments and he doesn't seem to care that there are still civilians in there."

"And we have an issue at the North Bridge Petrol Station," Melanie added. "It seems like your friend has resurfaced Skyler."

Skyler watched in horror as Emily used her eye blast to explode everything in her midst at the gas station.

"What is the plan?" Ben asked. "General Williams isn't even here yet."

"There is no way we can wait for her. We will divide into two teams. Shiloh and Ben take a squad and go after Tornado Boy. Me and Skyler and another squad will go after Ortega's friend," Chelsea ordered. Without a word everyone obeyed Chelsea.

"Oh and Ortega put on some clothes please," Chelsea told Skyler.

"You want me to go back to my room and change?" Skyler asked in shock.


"It's okay," Melanie interrupted as she gave Skyler a watch. "Put this watch on and press this button."

Even though she was confused, Skyler did exactly what Melanie told her to do and before she knew it she was fully dressed, shoes and all. Skyler looked at Melanie with her mouth wide open.

"Questions later Ortega, we need to go!" Chelsea ordered. Skyler quickly shook her head and came to her senses.

"Of course let's go," she told Chelsea as she gave Melanie one final glance.

Melanie and Chris watched them leave. Melanie couldn't help but feel slightly worried. The only training Skyler had with her suit was the previous night and now she was going to confront a former friend.

"It's gonna be okay," Chris told Melanie. "Skyler can do this I'm sure." Melanie did not respond to Chris as she anxiously watched everything on the LCD screen. The drones were already following the vans.


Skyler remained quiet in the van. Her heart was beating nineteen to a dozen, in fact she felt like her heart was in her throat. She never thought she would be fighting against Emily one day. What's more, she never thought that they both would have powers. Even more, she never thought the Emily would be on the bad guy's side.

"Okay Ortega," Chelsea said, "this is your first real mission. If you do what you did in the simulation you will be fine. Even though you have those powers you are still a rookie. Do as I say okay?" Skyler nodded again. "Right we have arrived, everyone put your helmets on, and the camera from the drones will guide you all. As for you Ortega, suit up."

Skyler nodded as she pressed the bottom part side on the left side of her neck. Her suit came out from underneath her skin engulfing her clothes. She quickly put on the hoodie and the mask.

"You ready?" Chelsea asked. Skyler nodded. "Okay let's do this!"

Cautiously Chelsea and the other agents approached the petrol station from behind the store. Emily was standing in front of the door blasting anything and everything. There was fire and smoke everywhere.

"Okay we will surround her," Chelsea said. "Jennings take Leo, Mash and Karen and go on other side of this building. The others and I will take this side. We will surround her. Skyler you won't anything for now, you will be our surprise factor. Understood?" Everyone nodded. "Okay let's go!"

Everyone did exactly what Chelsea told them to do and within a few minutes they had Emily surrounded but the local policemen got into the picture and spoilt everything as they starting shooting blindly at Emily forcing her to enter the store and hold everyone in the store as hostages.

"Dams cops!" Chelsea said in frustration.

"Now what do we do?" Skyler asked. Chelsea thought for a moment. Emily was dangerous and she for one didn't want to put the lives of the people in the store in more danger than they were already.

"Skyler you need to go in the store and take her down," Chelsea finally said.

"Are you sure?" Skyler as in astonishment, "don't you need to come with me?"

"I'll cover you, but she has powers and you have powers. You are the only person that has a chance to capture her, in the meantime we will make those stupid cops stand down."

Skyler nodded and made her way to the front of the store.

"Where are you going?" Chelsea asked angrily.

"In the store like you told me," Skyler replied.

"Go through the back door! Dammit Ortega use your head!" Chelsea hissed. Skyler looked at Chelsea apologetically as she made her way to the back door.

"This is it," she thought to herself, "one of us isn't getting out of this in one piece."

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