Chapter 49: Revelation!

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Chris was locked up as soon as he was brought to the Organization. He was confused as to what was going on. Skyler decided that she needed to speak to Melanie first before telling everyone that Chris was innocent. The one thing she learnt since being there was that she needed to think before she took any decision and not act out of compulsiveness.

"Skyler what's going on?" Chris desperately asked.

"What's going on is that you are suspected to be the mole!" Shiloh replied in Skyler's place.

"Wait me? I thought Chelsea..."

"Oh stop your act Chris! We know it's you! You sabotaged Chelsea, you did something to her somehow and made her look guilty. Now if I were you I'd shut-up! The General will come to see you after the memorial." Shiloh confidently walked away but Skyler stayed behind to talk to Chris.

"Skyler," Chris said again with desperation, "I'm not the mole! Just think about it. Think! You lost your powers during your fight with Emily, I was nowhere near you! I was back here helping Melanie and the others. So how could I have sabotaged your powers from afar?"

"Chris..." Skyler replied slowly, "you just saved yourself! Don't worry I'll get you out of this!" Chris looked at Skyler and sighed with relief.

"I've got your back bro! You're not going to be falsely accused of anything." Skyler gave Chris a promising look and left him in lock up.

Of course, why hadn't she thought of that from the get go? She was so confused as to how her powers had failed on Chelsea that she didn't stop once to think that Chris wasn't even near her when she and Emily were fighting. Obviously General Williams and the others hadn't thought of that either. Skyler had to speak to Melanie but first she needed to go to the memorial. She went to her room and took a quick shower. She then proceeded to wear black trousers with a long sleeved blank tank top. She looked at herself in the mirror for a few seconds. Her light brown eyes matched well with her fair brown skin and long straight black hair. She found it hard to imagine that her light brown eyes turned stormy blue when her powers kicked.

"Ugh Skyler, that's the least of your problems," she thought out aloud. After combing her hair she went to the memorial that was to be held in the cafeteria. As soon as she got there, she scanned the room for Melanie, as soon as she found her she walked straight to her.

"I need to talk to you after the memorial," she told Melanie in a low voice.

"Same. I have something to show you," Melanie replied in a low voice as well.

Skyler didn't have time to ask what about as General Williams began to speak. The memorial didn't last long, only forty five minutes. General Williams kept her speech short and allowed others to talk. Skyler felt touched deep down inside of her that Williams took time off the schedule to have this memorial. Things were very hectic out there but yet she took the time to think about everyone they had lost.

After the memorial General Williams told everyone to get back to their posts and that they had double duty to pull off. She then retired to her office to make an important phone call before going to see Chris.

"Come with me," Melanie told Skyler as she took her hand. Skyler was relieved that she didn't forget to wear her psy gloves, she didn't want a repeat of what happened last time. Melanie led Skyler straight to her room. On her tables were folders that contained documents. Skyler had never seen those documents before.

"I need to talk to you about this," she told Skyler as she pointed to the folders.

"Here? In your room? Why not the lab?"

"It's safer here and besides I scrambled the camera in my room, they can't see that we are here."

"Why would you do that?" Skyler asked in shock. Melanie looked at Skyler, she knew that she wasn't going to like what she was about to read but she knew that if she had hid this from her, Skyler would've lost the trust that she felt towards her.

"You'll understand. Here, read this," Melanie said as she gave Skyler the folder. Skyler wordlessly took the folder as she eyed Melanie with slight suspicion. Whatever the mystery was, she was in a hurry to find out. She quickly opened the folder and started to read the documents, her eyes slowly widened in disbelief. Melanie on the other hand was feeling extremely nervous, she had no idea her Skyler was going to react to the report. Her eyes stayed glued onto Skyler's face trying to anticipate any reaction.

"This... this can't be!" Skyler finally exclaimed.

"I dug in deep to get this Skyler. Hacked into the police software to get it."

"So Shiloh was right! Our parents.... Our parents were murdered!" Hot tears poured down Skyler's face as she said those words. She felt no surge, no nothing. Just a deep sense of nothingness.

"I need to go show this to Shiloh..."

"Skyler wait. You can't do that!"

"And why not?" Skyler asked as she wiped her tears with the sleeve of her top.

"Finish reading the report please." Skyler's hurt could be felt all over the room, in fact Melanie could feel it pierce through her soul, however Skyler needed to know so that she could put two and two together by herself.

"Wait witnesses saw a masked man leave the scene?"

"Yeah, at the time Ethan was still around here, but now he is parading with a mask. I didn't think of it before but once I found out Chelsea was innocent and then Chris was the next target, it got me thinking..."

"Yeah about Chris, I read his life without him even noticing. He is innocent and plus he made a good point earlier on, he reminded me that he was nowhere near me when I lost my powers."

"You read his life?"

"Yeah got rid of the gloves for a few seconds and did my thing. I was actually following your example. I just couldn't believe that he was the mole."

"That's awesome," Melanie said proudly, "I felt that he was innocent too."

"Then who is the damn mole!" Skyler exclaimed with frustration. "And why was Ethan seen at the site of my parent's accident?"

"Think about it Skyler," Melanie said really slowly, "who has been the constant factor in all of those events? Who has always been around no matter what? Think carefully."

Skyler thought for a moment. She closed her eyes and started to recollect everything. From the day of her parents accident all the way to the present. Yes there was indeed one person who was always there, always present.

"No WAY! No I refuse to believe this! No! NO NO!" Skyler shouted out as tears accumulated in her eyes. Melanie slowly approached Skyler and extended her arms. Skyler accepted the hug almost immediately.

Her world had shattered into a thousand pieces like glass smashed onto a floor. Nothing could repair this. Nothing!

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