CHAPTER 28: Inside the Simulation Part 2

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Why didn't I get those powers?" Skyler asked herself as she observed the suspect. Somehow he knew that Chelsea was coming in from behind and he turned around full circle to face her. Ben and Shiloh had to retreat and regroup.

"It's as if he senses everything that is around him," Skyler thought to herself. She watched as he started to lift objects with the wind he created and directed the pointed ends of the objects at Chelsea. At that very moment Skyler felt the surge within her and her the color of her eyes turned to stormy blue. Listening to what she was feeling she ran towards Chelsea and stood in front of her, she couldn't hear the protests from Chelsea because all of her concentration was focused on the enemy.

"I should try and catch one of the objects he will thrust our way," Skyler thought quickly. She looked back at Chelsea and literally pushed her out of the way. She sensed the objects coming her way and somehow at that point she managed to summon the surge within her and it made her feel like nothing could stop her. She punched through the objects that were cruising towards her in the air and fearlessly approached him.

As soon as he realized that Skyler was not going to back down, he stopped controlling the wind and decided that he would fight her. Skyler immediately realized that he was preparing for combat.

Soon both Skyler and the suspect found themselves in a very even fight, both taking blow for blow and kick for kick.

Skyler knew that the only way she was going to win the fight was if she used her powers to her full potential. She quickly seized the first object she saw on the ground and somehow managed to form in into some kind of sword.

Meanwhile Chelsea, Ben and Shiloh had been told to stand down and to let Skyler fend for herself. Chelsea felt uneasy with that order because she knew that at any moment Skyler could make a mistake and the mistake could prove to be costly.

Ben on the other hand was impressed by the way Skyler was handling the whole situation and the fight.

"Looks like your sister has finally gotten the hang of things Shi," he said. When Shiloh did not respond Ben turned to look at her, but her expression was unreadable.

"Shiloh?" Ben asked cautiously. She then looked up at Ben and gave him a small smile.

"Sorry, I just can't believe what I'm seeing, my sister is actually fighting and she is kicking ass! It's a lot for me to process at once... Plus I'm getting bored now, it's like we aren't needed..."

"Ok team go in and help Skyler contain the enemy. She should know she can count on you," General Williams ordered.

"Roger that," Ben replied. Ben, Shiloh and Chelsea surrounded the enemy alongside Skyler. It was clear that he did not know what he had to do next.

"Chelsea, allow Skyler to finish him off," General Williams said. Those words that came threw to Chelsea's ear piece stung her to the core, but she brushed off her pride and listened to the order.

"You heard the order Skyler, finish him off," Chelsea said halfheartedly. Skyler knew that she couldn't screw up another simulation, so she quickly scanned the enemy and noticed that he seemed to be getting his powers from his feet. Without reading too much into the situation she immediately tripped him and quickly melted an object and controlled it so that it could go around his legs like a rope and in seconds it solidified.

Ben, Chelsea and Shiloh were at a loss of words, as was Skyler. No one, including herself could believe that she had just done that. The simulation ended the training room returned back to normal.

"So how did I do?" Skyler asked as she turned around to look at Chelsea and the others.

"You did surprisingly well," Chelsea replied with a suffocated voice.

"What did you think Shiloh?" Skyler asked as if she needed her sister's approval.

"You did much better than the last time," General Williams suddenly said as she entered the room with Melanie and Chris.

"I thought you could only melt objects Skyler," Melanie said before anyone else could speak, "how did you get the material to solidify again?"

"I dunno, I thought it and it happened. I thought the liquid would burn his legs but instead it solidified, like my hand had a mind of its own and I was just its guide? I dunno, I really dunno."

"General the suit will help her understand her abilities deeper," Chris said. "I think it's time." Melanie nodded in agreement.

"Chris is right, Skyler needs to be prepped for surgery," she said.

"Surgery?" Skyler asked as her eyes widened in shock.

"Yeah surgery. You didn't expect to get a cape and a mask right? Did you honestly think that we would let you gallivant around the city dressed like some wanabe hero?" Melanie said rudely.

"This isn't the time for arguments," General Williams said in an exasperated voice. "Skyler follow Melanie and Chris and please just trust us on this." Wordlessly Skyler followed Melanie and Chris.

"The three of you did well, although Shiloh and Ben made a rookie mistake in there. No one gave the two of you orders to attack the enemy and you just did."


"No excuses, team work is what has kept the three of you and the rest of the team alive. Don't change that because of the personal matters you have going on with your sister Shiloh. Have I made myself clear?"

Shiloh nodded as the general gave her and Ben permission to leave the room.

"So Chelsea what did you think of today's training?"

"Skyler surprised me. She followed my orders and she jumped in to take me out of a sticky situation. She managed to control her powers and she used her instincts wisely. You were right General and I was wrong. Skyler could be the asset we've needed all along."

"So you will have no problem taking her out on the field with you right?"

"You mean after she knows how to use whatever Chris and Melanie are putting inside of her right? I can't let her come on a mission with me if she doesn't know how to use her own suit."

"That makes sense, but Melanie informed me that things will go quickly and smoothly with regards to the suit."

"So everything is gonna be okay then General," Chelsea said coolly, "may I be excused?" General Williams nodded and watched Chelsea leave.

"Everything is not going to be okay Chelsea," General Williams thought to herself, "this is the beginning of a very long story."

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