Chapter 39: Ethan Bridge AKA The Creator

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General Williams had been glued to her chair for over an hour. The phone call she had received had increased her level of stress to a point where she couldn't think clearly. She knew this day would come and she knew that she would have to lead her people into a war where not everyone would come back home.

"Get a hold of yourself Krystal," she thought to herself, "I'm sure they are all waiting for you. The more you stay here, the less faith they will have in your leadership." She finally got up, her clothes were glued on her with sweat even though she had air conditioning in her office. After taking a deep breath she made her way outside of her office. The agents on the other side were going crazy. The city was in complete chaos and she had been told not to do anything for moment. How was she going to justify that order? The agents stopped pacing around when they saw her, they all stood still, waiting for their orders.

"Continue what you all were doing. I am going to find Chelsea and company. You needn't worry, we are going to fix this and save this city from the claws of the traitor!"

The agents did not seem to be reassured, but they did not question the general. They all went back to what they were doing as General Williams left the room. Sometimes General Williams wished she had been born in the 1980's. Life at that time seemed so simple. Being so far off in the future and living in a time where people could do anything with everything really made her job difficult.

What he did proved that at one hundred percent. He made superpowers and he had the audacity to call them gifts. She recalled what he had said on television.

"I am The Creator, giver of gifts, taker of lives..." General Williams felt sick to her stomach when she thought about him. The fact that he had worked for her and she had trusted him at some point. There had been signs though but because she had considered him as her son, she had let those signs pass by her. General Williams shook her head as she thought of the last conversation she had had with him.


"I'm telling you General if we do this we will have unlimited power. We even need the funds of our founders. The law will be in our hands. These aliens have unlimited potential, unlimited resources. Just imagine what we could do with those," he told her with utmost determination.

General Williams looked at him, he had almost convinced her. However, she needed to think about the greater good and what he was proposing was just plain selfish. She couldn't accept the proposal.

"What you are saying may be true Ethan but unfortunately it will not benefit the city and its people as a whole. Our job is to protect the lives of everyone here. Now that we've found their weak side, their Achilles' heel we need to strike while the iron is hot and destroy anything and everything that belongs to them!"

Ethan tried to keep his calm, it was always the same story. General Williams always said no to him, but it was never the case with Melanie.

"I bet if it was Melanie who had proposed this to you, you would've listened to her in a heartbeat," he retorted harshly.

"I don't understand why you keep implicating agent Stone. She does her job well, very well may I add. If you saw her as your colleague and not your competition the two of you would've found this solution out a long time ago," General Williams replied calmly. Ethan narrowed his eyes when he heard her say those words. His blood boiled deep inside of his core and a wave a bitter jealousy traveled through his veins right to the center of his heart.

"I still stand my ground," he replied with a tight voice. "This is an opportunity of a lifetime and I don't think we should let this opportunity pass by."

General Williams sighed with exhaustion. They had been at war with those aliens for a very long time. In fact the war they had been in was classified as 'The Invisible War' because nobody but them knew it was going on. The mind wipers had to work every single day so that the people of the city always forgot what happened. She was tired and wanted to get rid of the aliens as soon as possible. It was no time to be power hungry.

"I also stand my ground Ethan. We are going to proceed as we planned. We destroy EVERYTHING. Nothing is to be left behind, absolutely nothing. Have a made myself clear?"

Ethan tried very hard to contain his rage as he put a straight face when he looked at the general.

"Yes boss, you have made yourself absolutely clear," he replied coldly.

"Good, now let's concentrate on the mission at hand."


"If only I had understood those signs," General Williams said to herself as she reached the room where Chelsea and the others were. She swallowed hard as she entered the room. Ben, Chelsea and Shiloh were there talking amongst themselves.

"Where is Skyler?" General Williams asked as she interrupted their conversation.

They hurriedly stopped talking and stood up as a sign of respect to General Williams.

"Last I heard, she was with Melanie," Shiloh replied.

"Get them both to come here. We need to talk. I have received instructions from our superiors and you guys are not going to like what you'll hear."

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