CHAPTER 38: The Mole

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"Your plan played out perfectly," Jade told him, "chaos has been unleashed in the city, people are scared, very scared and they are wondering why they never knew about..."

"Yes I know Jade," he replied. "I can see for myself. With regards to our dear friends, I can guess what's going on there... This is only the beginning, General Williams will probably want to take her own life because she will not know what to do!"

"But what are we going to do about this Skyler? Emily recognized her voice when there were in a battle and..."

"You don't have to worry about Skyler," a voice suddenly interrupted. The Creator and Jade around to see their mole entering the room they were in.

"She is just as overwhelmed as everyone else. She may have gotten the powers but she hasn't trained enough to use them at full potential. With the onslaught you have planned, she might even die in battle," the mole continued.

"I'm surprised you would say that considering..."

"Now now Jade, no need to be rude," The Creator quickly said. "You did well, sabotaging those mind wipers was a very good idea. I suppose you are here for part of your payment?"

"Yes I am. Remember, you will always be several steps ahead of them thanks to me, but they will figure out that some things aren't a coincidence. I need to protect myself," the mole replied.

"You are absolutely right," he replied as he opened at the bottom drawer of his desk and took out a fancy looking box. Inside the box there was a very thick syringe. Jade's eyes widened as she saw the syringe. She obviously didn't know that her boss had stored it there.

"This will give you something that none of my creations have," he said to the mole. He smiled wickedly underneath his mask as he saw the twinkle of excitement in the eyes of his mole. "You will be able to block powers, any type of powers..."

"Including Skyler's?"

"Especially Skyler's. Her telepathic abilities are dangerous, but they won't be any match for you!"

"And how will I know how to use these powers?" the mole asked quickly.

"I will teach you, come let me inject the serum into you first."

The mole quickly sat in front of The Creator and gave him her arm. Her thoughts drifted off very far. She thought of about her future and without even knowing a grin appeared on her face. Her soul felt a wave of satisfaction travel within it. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as she felt the sharp sting of the injection. She then proceeded to feel a cold liquid travel through her veins. It sent a chilling sensation down her spine, but funnily enough, she loved that feeling.

"All done," he told her.

"Now what?" she asked him.

"Now, we wait," The Creator with a devilish smile. "It will not take long, you have my word."


Skyler decided to train by herself in the training room. No one had said anything since they had gotten back from the mission. General Williams hadn't come out of her office and she had no idea where Chelsea and the others were. So she thought the best thing to do was train the way Shiloh had shown her. She decided that she would use some of her favorite music tracks and she used the beats of the music to summon her powers. She decided to train with a projectile simulation, where all sorts of debris would come flying her way at incredible speed. Luckily, Skyler was a fast learner especially when she wanted to do something.

Earlier on Melanie had explained a couple things about her suit to her and she wanted to try it out. She closed her eyes and tried to remember the conversation she had with Melanie.

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