CHAPTER 50: Shiloh Ortega

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"God dammit Chris! Just admit it!" General Williams shouted. "There is no escape but I need to hear it from your mouth first!"

"For the last time General, I am not the mole! Me being the mole makes no sense at all! I've never even been out on missions!" Chris defended himself valiantly.

"He is innocent General," Melanie said as she entered Chris' cell with Skyler.

"And how can you be sure of this?"

"I discretely used my powers on him when Shiloh and I were bringing him back here. Also remember that Chris was back here when I lost my powers the other night," Skyler said.

"And Skyler's powers can be trusted General. The only reason something went wrong when she used her powers on Chelsea was because the mole, the traitor was hiding among us in plain sight," Melanie said.

"You see General I told you I'm innocent and I..." General Williams silenced Chris with a very annoyed expression.

"So if it's not Chelsea and it's not Chris, who is it then?" she asked Skyler and Melanie.

"Hey have you guys seen Shiloh? I went to her room and she wasn't... there. Is everything okay?" Ben asked as he noticed the uneasiness in everyone's eyes.

"This whole place needs to be on lock-down," General Williams said urgently as she started to leave Chris' cell. "Release Chris he is innocent. Skyler find your sister and do it now!" Skyler nodded and quickly went away.

"Listen up people," General Williams said out aloud, "we cannot let Ortega escape. I repeat, we cannot let Shiloh Ortega escape!"

"Can someone please tell me what's going on?" Ben asked in confusion.

"What's going in that Shiloh is the mole. It's been her all along. I'm really sorry Ben," Melanie said as she patted him on the shoulders. Ben froze as he heard Melanie's words, he felt dizzy and empty all at once. He couldn't believe that the one person his heart chose to love could've done something like that to him. He refused to believe it, no he had to hear it from Shiloh herself. She needed to look him into the eyes and say that she was the mole.


"By now they have figured it all out," she told Ethan, "using Chris as a pawn so that I could finally leave there was the only solution." Ethan looked at her and smiled, he had been waiting for this moment. The moment when he could finally reunite with his protégé.

"Do you remember when the day I finally convinced you to join me?" he asked her.


"I promised you a lot of things if you did a good job but you didn't do a good job... You did an excellent job! More than I ever expected!" He smiled slowly under his mask. "The first time I saw you, I saw a hungry young lady, of course you weren't literally hungry but ambitious hungry. That's what I loved about you..."


"You have a lot of potential," Ethan said. "Spending time here is just a waste of it."

"But for me to become like my dad, I need to be here. The police academy is the place to be," Shiloh replied. "Why do you keep coming back to me?"

"Because I came here to recruit potential candidates for my own army. There's no one here, no one that has shown the kind of potential that you have shown."

"What army?"

"Something that is way beyond your understanding but I can promise you one thing if you accept my offer."

"And what's that?"

"Power. Ultimate Power and much much more." Something deep within Shiloh's soul glowed when she heard the words 'ultimate power.' Deep down inside of her she loved to be in control of things and this man was offering it to her.

"How do I know I can trust you?" Shiloh asked him finally.

"How about if I told you, everyone you've ever loved has done nothing but lied to you? Your friends old and new but most importantly your sister and parents?"

"What are you talking about? If you think I don't know that I'm adopted then you are very wrong."

"Yes I know you know that but did you know this?" Ethan asked as he showed her some files on his phone. Shiloh read everything that Ethan showed her.

"This is impossible," she said.

"Seems impossible but it is the truth. Your parents aren't who they say they are and well, you know more than I do that they've always preferred your sister to you. Playing by rules and trying to please your parents isn't who you are Shiloh. I see the real you and I don't see why you should continue to seek their approval when all they've ever put in front of you is a façade. Think about it for a moment."

"My dad wants me to be just like him, he tells me every day how proud he is of me, I don't believe this!"

"Of course he'll tell you that, I mean, he did adopt you. You are an investment to him and basta! That's all you are to him and your mother!" Seeing that Shiloh was still hesitant, Ethan decided to take a risk.

"Okay I didn't want to tell you anymore but it seems like I'll need to show you the proof. Let's go!"

"Euh, where to?"

"Your house of course."

Intrigued Shiloh decided to follow Ethan. She had only met him a couple of times but something always told her he was telling the truth. He was however going to show her something about her family, she didn't know whether she would believe it but one thing he said was true. Her parents had always favored Skyler in everything that she did. She was the star dancer, the one doing everything for her dream. Her parents saw right past her sister's selfishness and that made her sick to the core. Day in and day out she did things to get their attention, even ran a marathon for orphans and all they could say was "very good dear, keep it up." Nothing more, nothing less. She hated doing things for others but she did so anyways all for her parents attention. Nobody knew that she hated everything she was doing, well with the exception of Ethan because he came to see her prepared.

"Here we are. You got the keys right?" he asked her.

"How do you know my mum's not here?"

"Let's just say I've done my homework." Shiloh gave Ethan a slight nod before opening the door. It was weird to have a stranger showing her something in her own home but if he knew something that she had to know, she was willing to look past the awkwardness. Ethan led her to her parent's room and then moved her mother's dressing table.

"Hey what do you think..."

"Shhhh..." Ethan interrupted, "just trust me." Hidden underneath the dressing table was some sort of hatchet. Ethan opened it and it revealed a staircase that led underground. Shiloh stood there astounded at what she saw.

"How did you know that this was here?" she finally managed to ask.

"I have my ways, now follow me." Shiloh followed Ethan underground and what she saw completely shocked her.

"See, I told you they have lying to you all your life."


"So are you ready Shiloh? Ready to finally embrace who you are and help us win this war and liberate them?"

"You don't know for how long I've craved for this moment!"

"Excellent. Jade, get Ryan and the others, initiation will begin! They won't be at the park tonight send others. Tonight is the night where the word power won't even begin to define you Shiloh!"

"Right away boss," Jade said as she went to get the others.

"Shiloh, it's time."

"Finally," she thought with a wicked smile. "I'm better than you Skyler, always was and always will be. I can't wait for the next time we meet and it's gonna be very very soon!"

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