CHAPTER 14: Danger is Everywhere

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"Ryan, can you hear me?" Jade asked. "Ryan? Ryan? Ryan!"

He woke up with a jolt! He was no longer strapped to a table in the lab, he had no idea how he even got to the room he was in. He looked at Jade in confusion.

"How are you feeling?" she asked, ignoring his confused look.

"Different," he replied.

"Of course you will feel different. Now that you are awake I need to take you to the power chamber so that we can see what powers your body absorbed."

"What? I don't understand what you are saying!"

"We did tell you we would change your life right? So this is the first process. You will understand everything soon enough, please get up and follow me."

Ryan still didn't understand what Jade meant, but he knew that he had no choice but to follow her. He jumped off his bed and then suddenly felt that he was light on his feet. He looked down and noticed that his stomach had gone in, lifting up his shirt his eyes widened in surprise.

"I have abs!" he exclaimed. He then looked at his arms and flexed one of them and he saw that his has muscles. "Biceps! I can believe it; I've never been to the gym in my life!"

"Contain your excitement Ryan," Jade told him harshly, "we didn't recruit you to look good although our project does give you that perk now shut-up and follow me!"

Ryan did not have to be told twice he quickly followed Jade. Afterall, he was feeling great and he definitely wasn't going to complain about the upgraded features that he suddenly had. His weak skinny body had turned into a muscular temple, he was no longer a frail man but a strong man. Nobody would dare make fun of his body now, especially his former coworkers. Oh how he wished Octavia could see him now, she would regret the fact that she abadoned him. All he needed now was to have his hair cut and the transformation would be complete. In fact he decided that he would shave all his hair off, a bold look would definitely show off his dark hazel eyes.

The building they were in had a very dark atmosphere and a lot of closed doors. Everything was secretive and mysterious. The hall was so silent that only their footsteps were heard. Finally Jade stopped in front of a door, she placed her hand on the scanner and the door opened. Inside was exactly what Jade said there would be, a chamber. It was made out of glass and it was connected to a machine which was in turn connected to a computer.

"Get in the chamber," Jade ordered. Ryan reluctantly got in and Jade then tied his feet to the chains at the bottom and his stretched out arms to the chains that were hanging down. She then gave him an injection on both arms and he fell unconscious almost immediately. She then placed a helmet which was connected to the machine on his head. Then she cut his arm slightly and placed a tube which was also connected to the same machine to retrieve blood samples.

"Time to find out how many gifts you got Ryan," she said as she stepped outside the chamber and closed its door. She started the machine and made her way to the computer.

"Since you are the chosen one, this is going to be interesting," she said to herself.


"This better be good Chris," Melanie said as she entered the lab.

"It's better than good but it's also scary at the same time. With this DNA sample I actually managed to find out a lot of things," Chris replied.

"What things?" Melanie asked.

"Here, read the results," Chris told her.

Melanie could not believe what she was reading, if what the report showed was true, what had happened to Skyler was impossible from a human's viewpoint. The report not only explained what had intertwined with Skyler's DNA but it also brought a new light to the problem they had been dealing with for the past four years.

"If this is true, Skyler should've died the moment those creatures injected those serums into her system... Yet she is alive..."

"And she got the powers, but only the ones her body didn't reject," Chris said.

"How come she didn't get any convulsions when her body rejected parts of the serum? Nothing happened to her, the powers just manifested themselves one by one and in Skyler's case they are triggered by emotions."

"I asked myself the same question so I did some research and this is what I found."

Melanie slowly read what Chris showed her.

"The General needs to see this Chris, let's go talk to her before Chelsea and the others get back."

A few minutes later Melanie and Chris found themselves discussing the results with General Williams.

"We had a plan to destroy the whole colony; I always wondered how that traitor escaped with them all. They must be his prisoners," General Williams said.

"With all due respect General, we don't think that's the case," Melanie replied.


"All he needs is two aliens. Even when dead this species doesn't decompose. The cells in their body go into a hibernation phase when the alien dies. When put into a living system, the cells come back to life so to speak and the living organism then chooses which part of the molecules of the cells that it wants to keep in its system and as for the others, they are rejected," Chris said.

"So I think we did manage to destroy all the aliens but he had a plan to at least preserve two of the bodies. Now we don't know how he did that, but I sure as hell wanna how," Melanie said.

"Okay, they are dead physically and the cells that contain the powers go into hibernation, but what happens when he runs out of stock? I mean dead aliens can't have a never ending supply of super powered cells right? Timing is also a problem here; it's been four years and..."

"What if the two aliens he has aren't actually dead? And this is assuming he only has two of them" Chris suddenly interrupted.

"Go on Chris," Melanie said.

"What if he has them on some sort of life support, like a machine doing the breathing for them? The body will get oxygen, thus the metabolism will keep going. It probably took him four years to actually come up with a serum and create those creatures. Now that he's actually released the creatures he must know that the serum works. We still don't understand how he orchestrated it all, but this is an assumption that needs to be taken into consideration."

Melanie and General Williams thought long and hard about what Chris had just said.

"If this is the case, we are in big trouble. Their origin has always been unknown to us but we do know that they were ruthless. If their DNA is now in humans and those humans are with him, well we are in for more than a wild ride!" General Williams said in a serious tone.

"My thoughts exactly. We all saw what happened with Skyler, when the powers took her to a dark place and if we didn't calm her down anything could've happened," Melanie added.

"You are right agent Stone. Things have been taken to another level... This town and maybe the world will need us more than ever... The question is, are we ready for what's coming?"

Chris and Melanie did not know what to say, but they too felt the danger that was circling around them at that exact moment.

"For the moment we are like fish in an aquarium. He knows where we are and if he hasn't made a move yet, he knows why," Melanie pointed out. "But we have Skyler and it's imperative that her training starts boss."

"I have to agree with Melanie, she needs to be ready as soon as possible, danger is everywhere," Chris added.

General Williams knew that they were right, she also wondered why the traitor had never attacked them at the base but things were slowly starting to make sense. He had other plans and he needed time to put his plans into action. Would he pay them a visit? Would he suddenly attack the base? What was his real motive? Unfortunately General Willaims knew that they would find out the answer sooner then later and they had to be ready, they just had to.

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