Stolen by alexisanneb
Stolenby alexisanneb
Highest rank #2 sci-fi/alien feb 2018 #2 sci-fi march 2018 Placed 2nd place in science fiction in The Tattoo Awards- February 2018 -all mature chapters have a non-matur...
  • science
  • politics
  • scifi
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Red Eyed Snow White Princess(Gintama Fanfic) by reine-chan
Red Eyed Snow White Princess( =OneOkRock=
(Kamui x OC) I didn't know what comes into my mind when I decided to skip my studies... I found a big ship and snuck into it. Until I found out that it was a pirate ship...
  • abuto
  • anime
  • gintama
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Starstruck by BrendaHiatt
Starstruckby Brenda Hiatt
Nerdy astronomy geek Marsha, M to her few friends, has never been anybody special. Orphaned as an infant and reluctantly raised by an overly-strict "aunt," she...
  • indiana
  • teen
  • aliens
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Abducted | Book 1 | Vreekar by ilyaaime
Abducted | Book 1 | Vreekarby ilyaaime
| * I N * P R O G R E S S * | > P R O L O U G E < Overpopulation. Climate change. Nuclear warfare. Despite Humanity's tendency towards self destruction, Earth ha...
  • mature
  • fiction
  • alien
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I'm Their Baby by GhostNinja32
I'm Their Babyby GhostNinja32
Audrina life is about to change. When Alien's come and start abducting people. Audrina is one of those people taken. She is taken to another planet. To become a couple o...
  • ageplay
  • mdlg
  • diaper
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Paranormal (BoyxBoy) by Sadistic_Panda
Paranormal (BoyxBoy)by Sadistic_Panda
Ranked #76 in Paranormal Do you believe in the unnatural? Demons, aliens, vampires, werewolves? Yeah, well I didn't either. My name is Ren and I just entered an arrang...
  • royalty
  • mythical-creatures
  • slash
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Karamel: Maybe Someday by GretchenWoods
Karamel: Maybe Somedayby GretchenWoods
||SEQUEL IS PUBLISHED: Karamel: Infinity|| Kara and Mon-el come from two completely different worlds. Kara was raised in a caring, loving family that accepted her and t...
  • cw
  • supergirl
  • monel
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Upon Paws by Bobthe1st
Upon Pawsby Bob🚀
"If you don't have anything nice to say, SHUT UP." 21 year old Fern is studying hard pass her first year in college.She obviously did not expect to get kidnapp...
  • si-fi
  • captivity
  • fantasy
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Female Characters X Male Reader by Rygami375
Female Characters X Male Readerby Rygami375
A collection of random stories that I will make as long as people will send ideas and requests. Along with my own works. However, 50% of this book relies on requests.
  • malereader
  • aliens
  • fanfiction
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Captive: Hopeless by csdreamer
Captive: Hopelessby CSDreamer
It was cold in the bowels of the earth. Carved from the raw rock, the dungeons were damp and the chill filtered into Daniella's flesh until it reached the bone. After a...
  • adventure
  • adult
  • action
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Pregnant By A....What?! by Beautiful_Starz
Pregnant By A....What?!by Beautiful_Starz
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap!" Iris murmured lowly as she threw the stick that held her new found destiny towards the ground...
  • romance
  • pregnancy
  • science
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Upon Wings Of Change by CrystalScherer
Upon Wings Of Changeby Crystal Scherer
Tasha was studying hard to get through her last year of university when she was kidnapped. She certainly did not expect to wake up with four feet and wings. Mad scienti...
  • scientist
  • dragonet
  • diamondawards2k18
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Scary Facts and Creepy Stories✔ by RaeStylez_16
Scary Facts and Creepy Stories✔by Raven Guthrie
{Highest Rank - #1 in Horror [October 23,2017]} {Highest Rank - #10 in Random [November 21,2017]} COMPLETED✔ [NOT EDITED!] Scary Facts that keeps you up at night wonder...
  • murderers
  • horror
  • truestory
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The White Paladin  by BlueSpirit_16
The White Paladin by BlueSpirit_16
*CURRENTLY ON HIATUS* A Voltron reader insert / KeithXReader < Updates: every Saturday > (Y/N) becomes the white paladin, which is the heart and soul of Voltr...
  • paladin
  • aliens
  • voltronxreader
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Cause And Effect >> Shiro X Reader >> Season One by threpapynedeeded
Cause And Effect >> Shiro X issa chicken nooget
"No, it's not alcohol. I think it's the Altean version of apple juice." "And how the hell would you know how I'm feeling!? No one does! No one gets it!&q...
  • shiroxreader
  • pidge
  • aliens
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Unseen Depths ✔ by Perci_Snickedy
Unseen Depths ✔by p e r s e p h o n e
"Go on that Bermuda Triangle tour, they said. It'll be fun, they said." Fun isn't the word Penelope Orson would use to describe her predicament. Shipwrecked al...
  • chicklit
  • love
  • scifi
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Project X ✔ [O L D V E R S I O N] by _salacious
Project X ✔ [O L D V E R S I O N]by 𝓵𝓾𝓷𝓪 ♥ 𝓷𝓮𝓰𝓻𝓪
Book 1 of 3 [ C O M P L E T E D ] Most people dream of the stars and the things that come from them. They even have the infamous saying "Shoot for the moon; even...
  • submit2sourcebooks
  • xander
  • wattyawards2015
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Conspiracy Theories and More by nayeonnies
Conspiracy Theories and Moreby renjun!
some conspiracy theories that i listened to shane dawson rant about •first when you search, "conspiracy theories" !!•
  • conspiracies
  • weird
  • myths
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SURVIVE: The Atlantis Grail (Book Four) - Preview by VeraNazarian
SURVIVE: The Atlantis Grail ( VeraNazarian
The exciting conclusion to the Atlantis Grail series! ... A Limited Holiday Preview.. a special gift for my Readers...
  • romance
  • space
  • military
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Exported [Book 3 in the Expiring Series] #Wattys2017 by MikaelaBender
Exported [Book 3 in the Expiring Mikaela Bender
Is it an invasion if they're already here? Six months have passed and Iris and Jonas have reached a conclusion about their future, one that will leave many unhappy. Left...
  • teenfiction
  • politics
  • wattys2017
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