Chapter 29: Evil Plans Start To Unfold

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"The three of you are The Creator's most prized possessions. Your powers are not like the others. You are stronger, faster, smarter and most importantly, the three most dangerous of our whole army," Jade told Ryan, Emily and Troy. "But you need to prove yourselves to the rest of the army, show them, show me, and show our Master that you can do what needs to be done.Can the three of you do this?"

Ryan, Emily and Troy looked at each other before nodding at Jade.

"Tell us what we need to do," Ryan said.

"For now you will all be given specific missions that you will need to accomplish on your own, once you succeed you will earn the respect of the others and our Master. Then and only then will we proceed with truly taking over this city."

"What are our missions?" Emily asked.

"Yeah, I'm dying to go out there and reap havoc!" Troy said with determination.

"I like your determination Troy, but I need you to stay laser focused," Jade said as she gave each of them a file. "Inside is a mission adapted to your powers. Tomorrow the city will get to know each of you. You will be the talk of the town and we will finally get the attention we want to get and our Master will finally get to meet some old acquaintances. For that to happen,the three of you need to be successful tomorrow, do you understand me?"

"Yes we do," Ryan replied as he continued to read the file.

"Hold up, if I understand this correctly,"Emily said as she read the file, "we need to start our attacks together, as in at the same time? How will that be possible?"

"You will have ear pieces and I will be guiding you. You will know exactly when to strike. Besides... Our enemy can't be in three places at once right?" Jade said with cold cruelty in her voice.

"I like the way you think," Ryan told Jade."Guys we need to study our missions and have a discussion about them. It'll help us understand the mission from a global point of view." Troy and Emily nodded in agreement.

"That's why you were chosen to be the leader Ryan. You have it in you," Jade told him. "Now go to the separate training room and study your missions. Tomorrow is going to be your big day."


"The three of them are very excited," Jade to him.

"That's good. Once they accomplish the first part of the plan things will start moving fast. This city will feel my wrath day by day and the best part is that no one will be able to stop me. Not even my former friends."

"I will make sure that everything goes the way you want it to go boss. I believe in your cause and there isn't anything I won't do to accomplish our mission."

"I know Jade... I know... Now get some rest,tomorrow is going to be a busy day." As Jade walked out of his office he went to look out the window. The city seemed so calm and peaceful. He reached for his cup of tea that was on the table. He always drank hibiscus tea at night, it helped his constant stomachaches. He took a sip of the tea and closed his eyes as he swallowed it. He thoughts drifted to the past, thoughts that he did not want to think about but constantly played in his head like a song.

"Oh General Williams," he started thinking to himself as he continued to gaze at the city, "you have no idea what awaits you. You are going to regret everything. All the times you turned down my ideas.All the times you gave Melanie credit instead of me. When you decided not to listen to me, you signed your own destruction. You signed the destruction of your own team. I will always be several steps ahead of you and you will never ever defeat me." He took another long sip of his tea. As he opened his eyes an evil sparkle helped illuminate his face.

"Melanie,Chris, Chelsea and the others have no idea what awaits them," he continued to ponder. "They can train that one person that they got thanks to me,but it'll never be enough. I have an army and much much more..." He started to chuckle to himself. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and boy do I have a great friend camping in your midst General!"

He smiled once more as he imagined all the chaos that would soon be unleashed on the city and that fact that he would be the only one who would be able to stop everything was the cherry on the cake. He caressed his mask before putting it back on his face. He then went to sit on the sofa in his office and took out a photo from his pocket. 

"You people never protected me, you people never did anything to keep me safe," he thought with rage. "Unfortunately even you will have to pay for everything!"

There was a reason for his mask, since he was a little boy Ethan always felt insecure. Since his early days at school other kids tormented him, obviously that meant that he never had any friends. Ethan spent his time drowned in all sorts of books because he knew that knowledge was indeed power. He promised himself that one day each and every one of his bullies would pay even if innocent people had to pay the price.

"My nose was to wide for you people! My eyes were to round for you people! You all enjoyed calling me fish fish face! You all said I had a hairy situation due to the excess hair on my skin! You all teased my double chin and made me feel like I was a piece of trash. All your taunts haunted me, they destroyed me inside and out! But little do you people know what is in store for you, you will be begging me for your lives! Everything is in my hands! You all will bow down to me! Bow down to my power and take it all back, but it'll be too little too late!"

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