CHAPTER 30: Truth And Humility

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Skyler slowly opened her eyes. The last thing she remembered was that she was being prepped for surgery. She felt light headed from the anesthesia. She breathed slowly as she tried to feel if anything had changed within her. To her surprise she felt nothing, it was as if she had just woken up from a deep sleep. She knew however that it wasn't the case. She knew that she was supposed to have gotten a suit.

"Ah, you're finally awake," Chris suddenly said. Skyler turned her face to look at Chris, she was not the least bit surprised that he was there.

"I don't wanna put any pressure on you, but you need to recuperate fast, that's why I have injecting this serum into your system," Chris said as he showed Skyler the injection. "It'll help the effects of the anesthesia go away in no time." Skyler watched wordlessly as Chris injected the serum. "You'll be okay in no time."

"How long was I asleep?" was all Skyler could ask.

"Not for very long. How are you feeling?" Chris finally asked.

"Light headed, but I guess that will go away thanks to this thing you injected into me right?"

"Yup. Melanie will be here in a few minutes I'm sure. To be honest Skyler I'm feeling really excited," Chris said enthusiastically.

"And why is that?" Skyler asked, half interested in his answer.

"What we have done is a first. No other person in this world..."

"I don't think that's what's important here," Melanie suddenly interrupted. "What's important is that Skyler knows how to use the suit so that she can fight properly." There was complete silence for a few seconds before Melanie cleared her throat.

"Chris I need to speak to Skyler, alone please," she said. Chris nodded and left the room. Skyler couldn't help but a feel a wave of nervousness travel throughout her entire body. She knew Melanie was angry at her and she wondered what she would say to her. She slowly tried to sit up on the bed, but Melanie lifted the mattress up using a remote.

"There's no need for you to make any efforts. Although you shouldn't really feeling anything, and by that I mean no pain at all," Melanie told her.

"That's true," Skyler replied, "I'm just feeling light headed."

"And that will go away soon. I want to talk to you about two things. One of which is your suit but there is something more important to me right now."

"I know," Skyler replied. "And I'm sor..."

"Wait for me to finish Skyler," Melanie fired back. When she saw that Skyler was taken aback she quickly apologized.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound rude..." When Skyler remained silent, Melanie continued to speak. "When I found out that you had seen my whole life it angered me that you didn't tell me straight away. I thought to myself and kept wondering why you didn't tell me. There are many things that I've never shared with anyone, not even my closest friends, but then to find out that you just knew everything, well it made me feel like I had been exposed..."

"I didn't mean to..."

"I know that you didn't mean to Skyler. I know that you are still discovering who you are with these powers that you got. I'm not angry about how you found out, I'm angry because you didn't tell me as soon as you found out! And I think you owe it to me to tell me why you didn't tell me." Skyler knew Melanie was right. She should've told her but she didn't.

"You are right, I should've told you," Skyler started off in a humbled voice. "I didn't because I was scared. I didn't know that was gonna happen and in a matter of seconds I just saw everything about you till the day we met and the thing is, I've been trying to forget what I saw but I cant. Everything is stuck in here," Skyler said as she pointed to her head. "To be honest I didn't know how to tell, what to tell you. I've always been someone who's minded her own business at all times, so at that precise moment, I had no idea what to do. What was I supposed to say? Hey I just saw your whole life when we shook hands?"

Melanie stared at Skyler for a few seconds before she answered. In a way, she knew Skyler was right but her pride stopped her from understanding Skyler and forgiving her.

"All I can say is this, I will need to time to trust you again," she finally told Skyler. "When we shook hands, it was a pact to remain straightforward and honest with each other, but you violated the pact within seconds..."

"You aren't being really fair with me," Skyler interrupted in an exasperated voice. "I never meant to hurt you and you know that!"

Melanie felt her blood rush up to her face. She wanted to speak but she felt a stinging sensation in her throat and her eyes started to get watery.

"My past was my business and my business only," she replied in a shaky voice.

"I never said that it was my business Melanie. I know it's your business and believe me if I could erase everything from my mind I would but I CAN'T! So please, please please forgive me so that we can move on."

"Oh so you don't care about what you saw?" Melanie asked in a hurtful voice. Skyler let out a huge exasperated sigh. She didn't know what Melanie wanted from her and at that very moment she wanted to use her telepathic abilities to read Melanie's mind. It was taking every single drop of patience that she had in her to restrain her from doing just that. Skyler was about to respond when General Williams and Chelsea entered her room.

"You are awake, how are you feeling Skyler?" General Williams asked in a concerned voice. Skyler shot a frustrated glance at Melanie before replying.

"Aside being a little lightheaded I feel ok," she replied.

"Good. Melanie how long before Skyler can get to her feet and start learning how to use her suit?" Melanie looked at Skyler and smiled slyly.

"There is no need to wait General, Skyler can start training immediately."

"Are you sure about that Melanie?" Chelsea asked in shock.

"Yeah," Skyler said, "I just said that I'm feeling lightheaded!"

"Oh it'll pass," Melanie said as she stood up and walked towards something that looked like a wardrobe. She took out an outfit. "Here put this on, we will be waiting for you outside. You have a long night ahead of you Skyler Ortega."

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