CHAPTER 20: Acceptance or Denial?

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"Ryan will be ready sooner that I thought Jade," he told her, "he is hungry to get out there and make everyone who made him suffer pay. They will be very pleased with our work."

"They sure will! Soon we will have want they want and we will be on top of the food chain," Jade replied as she smirked evilly.

"I always knew that you saw the greater picture Jade and now that we have the shape shifter we have an even more valuable asset."

"Yes master! But what if there are others out there that are afraid to come out with their potential? We might never find them."

"Oh trust me my young apprentice, with everything that will happen, they will start using their gifts for their own survival and we will fish them out!"

Both he and Jade stared out the window where they had a full view of the city. Even if Jade couldn't see the expression behind his mask, she felt his determination and his confidence in himself. Jade was reassured once more that she had made the right decision to join him in this mission.


Skyler woke up the next morning with a jolt. She immediately remembered what happened the day before. She sighed heavily as everything that Melanie told her played in her head like a loop. For the first time in her life, Skyler felt more lost than ever. Just a few weeks ago she was on top of the mountain with regards to her career, yeah things were not picture perfect but she was on top and that's all that mattered. Now she was forced into this new life, a new life that she had never asked for, a new life that came with more downs than ups. 

What frustrated her the most was that she had the powers, she had the ability to find out everything she wanted to find out all by herself but the moral compass that her parents instilled in her was very strong. Skyler could do anything for her career but when things changed, when things didn't go her way and unethical solutions were her only option, she preferred to wait.

"I can't do this anymore," she said to herself. "There are so many questions that still need answering, but I don't think I want to know the answers anymore. If I can't have my old life back there is no way I will go on living with this new life. If I do, I'll will keep hurting everyone. I'm no hero. Time to end all of this... Now!"

Skyler went straight to her table and placed her hands on it. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Soon she felt the surge but this time she felt like she was in control of her powers. Her eyes changed color and she slowly melted the table until she could tear off a piece of the table. She somehow managed to mold the piece she tore off into a sharp object. As soon as she was done making her weapon the surge died down and she returned back to normal. She gave her weapon a long look as a single tear rolled down her left eye.

"I'm sorry," she said as she thought about her parents, "so so sorry." She then got up and made her way to the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror once more. A feeling of utmost disgust entered her soul traveling through her veins. She slowly lifted up her weapon and placed it across her neck.

"I don't accept this new me, I don't accept this new me!" she started telling herself. Her hand started to tremble as she started to put pressure on her weapon. "I can do this." Before she could carry on, her powers came back and in an instant her hands melted the weapon in her hand and the hot metal fell to the floor.

"OH YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!" Skyler shouted out in rage. "I CAN'T EVEN KI..."

"Hey is everything alright in there?" General Williams suddenly asked. Skyler immediately fell silent, hoping that her powers would go dormant again. "I know you are here Skyler, come out of the bathroom." A few seconds later Skyler came out of the bathroom and found General Williams waiting for her in her quarters. Williams could tell that something was wrong.

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