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Abbernathy and the Cat Kingdom by OctaviaLocke
Abbernathy and the Cat Kingdomby Octavia Locke
One girl. Two cats. A world full of adventure. Abbernathy Tells was a twelve year old girl who preferred the companionship of her two cats and a dying tree over ot...
  • femaleprotagonist
  • magicalcreatures
  • animals
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Rayne by DustyInk
Rayneby Sara
The world is no longer the same. A lot of things have changed and one of these things is the uprise of the supernatural creatures. Humans no longer dominate the world; i...
  • powers
  • newstory
  • fiction
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Cold Brook by readingisair
Cold Brookby Eve Beckham
Lee and Hope Watson, brother and sister, 11 and 12, are used to life in the city, but their parents send them out to the small town of Cold Brook, Texas to live with a r...
  • siblings
  • stuff
  • fantasyfiction
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Singular Sin: Rothman Society by Amaboo
Singular Sin: Rothman Societyby Angel M.B. Chadwick
The floating city of the tiny island of Elba-Corsica, a kingdom and societal resort village is controlled by the Rothman Society, a strict council that has made marriage...
  • paranormal
  • magic
  • supernatural
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Metas of Demada by Cinderpelt42
Metas of Demadaby Cinderpelt42
The ground is crumbling Legacies, Elitists, Telekins and Shifters Face the outcasted ex-Metas The Bonehounds For the first And final Time
  • fighting
  • metahuman
  • fantasyfiction
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The Hunters by milleale
The Huntersby milleale
Dear Journal, It's been 6 months since they came. I don't have much time to write, but I hope Zeno can forgive me. I tried but I'm only human. If your reading this put i...
  • fantasy-romance
  • fantasyfiction
  • fantasy
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Kassia: Daughter of Olympus by ShaleneElizabeth
Kassia: Daughter of Olympusby S.Luxton
For twenty-five years, Kassia has believed that her father was Cyril, chieftain of the Mycenae, fallen hero of the Trojan War. She had no reason to think otherwise. Tha...
  • ancient-greece
  • hera
  • heroine
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Flying free by owerload
Flying freeby Owerload
The wind caressed my skin carefully. It took a hold on my worn out clothes and made them flap, flicker, flutter and move to its heart content. Eyes closed. Delight, plea...
  • specialabilities
  • fantasycreatures
  • war
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Empire At War by KFS2017
Empire At Warby KFS2017
For centuries, the Great House Tannis remains supreme in the western lands of Chorus, many have joined and served under their allegiance for protection and stability ove...
  • fantasy-romance
  • fantasyfiction
  • king
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Tale of Trust by finnberlly
Tale of Trustby finn
Through magic-stricken lands, shining-armor knight Tobiah learns to tolerate the unknown while travelling with his dearest friend, a beautiful prince-who seems to know m...
  • fairytale
  • mystery
  • fantasy-romance
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An AberDathe Tale by PappzPeace
An AberDathe Taleby Spencer
Spencer Pierce is your typical unicorn loving nerd taking joy in video games, marvel movies, and reading fantasy and si-fi books. She tries to stay positive for her Mum...
  • fantasyadventure
  • fantasycreatures
  • fantasyfiction
Stonewall Middle School for Magic by untakenusername1
Stonewall Middle School for Magicby Aayush Adak
Alex Evergreen discovers the world of magic around him and races to save his new family.
  • school
  • fantasyadventure
  • ihopeyouenjoy
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The Raven and the Rose by thephantomnerd
The Raven and the Roseby Phantom
Branwen "Gwen" Murphy is a second generation American. On a summer trip to Ireland with her mother to get in touch with her roots, things take a bit of an unex...
  • highfantasy
  • ireland
  • fantasyadventure
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Wishing Well by 1StarDreamer
Wishing Wellby 1StarDreamer
When three kids find themselves lost in a forest, they stop at a well to rest and when they make a wish then talk about the wish granter. Is it a lovely angel or a scar...
  • wish
  • fantasycreatures
  • wishingwell
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Sisters of Power by Ominous_Music
Sisters of Powerby Bellamy
4 sisters with elemental powers
  • fantasyfiction
6 Months Gone By by _C30M0_
6 Months Gone Byby C30M0
A tale about the adventures of a boy named Donovan apart from his friend, and father, Altir.
  • adventure
  • fantasy
  • fantasyfiction
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The Forsaken Race - The Cheater by RavenAkuma
The Forsaken Race - The Cheaterby RavenAkuma
  • war
  • warfare
  • adventure
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X: Tales of the Lost Princess by Xxgamergirl420xX
X: Tales of the Lost Princessby Xxgamergirl420xX
A story that I've been planning for since about 2012, so bear with me. It takes place in a new world, on the continent of Vaclavaar. (Title subject to change!!) -- The C...
  • romance
  • worldbuilding
  • medieval
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Caught in the Seams by praisechristi
Caught in the Seamsby praisereaders
Megan Fairfield has her life set: she has a great family and lots of friends. But everything changed when she runs into an unusual boy on her way to English class.
  • unveiled
  • modern
  • werewolvesandvampires
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