CHAPTER 44: Mole Revealed?

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If it wasn't for her suit, Skyler would've long been dead. Somehow it had managed to protect from a lot of damage, but since it was a part of her, she could feel the pain of each electric shock. Luckily for her it was only pain that she felt, the suit stopped the electricity from frying her internal organs. That fact made Emily really angry, she didn't understand how Skyler kept fighting back. It infuriated her that even without powers Skyler could show her inner strength.

"That's enough," she told her partner, "I'm gonna finish her off." Skyler slowly looked at Emily and she say her goggles open. She had absolutely no energy to dodge Emily's rays, she hardly had any energy left to stand up properly.

"Blast her and I'll blast you!" Shiloh suddenly said. Skyler felt a wave of relief when she heard her sister's voice. Emily turned around to see Shiloh pointing a gun at her and the Electrocutionist.

"Do you honestly think we're gonna be afraid of your little toy?" she asked in a mocking tone.

"Try me," Shiloh replied with utmost confidence.

"Oh you're..." Emily didn't have time to finish her sentence as a strong wind was felt and Troy suddenly appeared in front of them.

"We gotta go," he told Emily as he held her with one arm and the Electrocutionist with the other.

"But..." before Emily could say anything else he created a huge fog and by the time it had cleared, Troy, Emily and their partner were long gone. Seeing that the coast was clear, Shiloh rushed towards Skyler.

"You okay?" she asked Skyler as soon as she reached her. Skyler pressed the button on her neck and her suit went back to its place, she then gave Shiloh a weak nod.

"Where's Ben? We need to find Chelsea," Skyler said in an exhausted voice.

"Ben's with Chelsea," Shiloh replied as she helped Skyler up.

"How so?"

"We were told you both were in trouble and were asked to come and help you."

"Take me to them please."

Shiloh nodded as she helped her sister walk. Part of her was almost proud of what Skyler had done, she didn't back down, she fought and when her life was in danger she didn't try to save herself.

"What happened to your powers?" Shiloh finally asked.

"I dunno, it seems like I just lost them." Shiloh look at Skyler with a confused face. She knew for a fact that Skyler couldn't have just lost her powers.

"How is that even possible?" Shiloh asked.

"I don't know... Right now I'm worried about Chelsea and..." Skyler stopped as she saw Ben with Chelsea. With the last bit of energy she had left, she rushed towards her mentor.

"Are you alright?" was the first words she uttered when she made it to where Chelsea and Ben were.

"I'm not doing so good," Chelsea replied in pain. Skyler looked at Chelsea, she was covered with burns, her uniform torn and burnt.

"We gotta get her to Melanie and fast," Ben said.

"Speaking of Melanie, I lost contact with her," Skyler said as she still looked at Chelsea worriedly.

"Weird, we've been in contact with the others just fine," Ben replied, "that's how we knew you two were in trouble. An extraction team will be here in a few minutes."

"So how come it's just the two of you that lost contact?" Shiloh asked in confusion.

"Something certainly doesn't add up. First we lose contact with Melanie and Chris, then I lose my po..." Before she could finish her sentence, Skyler felt a strange sensation in her body, it was as if her powers were back, like they had taken their rightful place back in her body.

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