CHAPTER 52: Chelsea, Natalya and Leonard

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The meeting room was silent yet again, no one could say anything. They had searched the Organization from head to toe, General Williams made sure that no stone was left unturned but Shiloh was long gone. To top things up Chelsea was on her way back but she wasn't coming alone, the day that General Williams had always dreaded was about to come to life, literally. She looked at her team they were all broken down to the core. The other agents were at their posts monitoring all movement at the park through the drones.

"This explains why Skyler didn't initially find out who the mole was," Melanie finally broke the silence. "Shiloh had already figured everything out and she made sure to know what powers Skyler had inherited."

"She never seemed like a power thirsty person," Chris pondered, "but boy was I wrong!"

"We were ALL wrong Chris and for that please accept my apology. You are one of the most loyal people I've ever met I should've never doubted you," General Williams said.

"It's okay boss, you were looking out for your people. I understand," Chris replied.

"But you are my people Chris and..."

"It's fine boss I promise. I think what's more important is the fact that Shiloh is on the loose and that she will most likely be a part of whatever is going to go down at the park."

"Chris is right, we need to move forward so we can find a solution," Melanie added.

Skyler remained silent, like Ben she felt betrayed to the core of her soul but she also felt anger. Lots and lots of anger, anger which she herself could not describe. All these years Shiloh had blamed her for being a bad person, a selfish person but at the end of the day, who was really the maleficent one? Shiloh had used Skyler's old personality as a disguise to hide her true colors. Shiloh used Skyler's passed mistakes as a scapegoat to hide her own sins. At least Skyler had always been straightforward about her intentions, she never hid anything away from anyone. Loads of questions tormented her mind especially how Shiloh ended up meeting this Ethan!

"Skyler you okay?" Melanie asked. Skyler looked at Melanie and shrugged, she had nothing to say for the moment.

"What about you Ben? How are you feeling?" Melanie asked kindly.

"You really asking me that?!" Ben snapped. "How do you think I'm feeling? I was betrayed! She betrayed me!"

"Agent Thorne, Shiloh betrayed us all, not just you!" General Williams said sternly.

"Yeah but we're any of you in love with her?" Ben asked in outmost rage. "Yeah the silence says it all. You know Skyler I was just about to ask you for permission to ask your sisters hand in marriage! Yeah that's right, I bought the ring and all. Despite everything going on I thought a little happiness would be great! We all deserved it... But she..." Ben's voice started to tighten as tears fell from his eyes to the floor, "she turned her back on me!"

"I just thought I knew Shiloh, I clearly didn't," Ben continued to sob.

"Ben your feelings are totally justified and we will capture Shiloh and she will tell us why she did what she did," Chris said. "That's a promise!"

"No, we aren't gonna capture Shiloh," Skyler said as she finally broke her own silence, "I will be the one to bring her in."

"Look Sky, I understand where you're coming from but don't forget she nearly got you killed at the park and..."

"No Melanie. She's my sister and she hurt all of us. This is personal to us all but even more so to me. For as long as I can remember, Shiloh always blamed me for everything, she villainised me. She made it seem like I was the most rotten person to ever walk on this earth. Yet, look at what she did. She used my father's good reputation to get a job she wanted, a job she wanted for all the wrong reasons! No this isn't just about us, it's about my parents too, I will bring Shiloh Ortega in at any cost!"

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