Chapter 7: Unwanted Change

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 Skyler left her car at the edge of the road and followed the same pathway she had taken the night before. She was still shaken about everything that had happened, the sliced bus had disappeared it was as if the events of the night before never happened. Skyler had wanted to stop so that she could snoop around to find out what happened to the bus but she knew that that would only raise suspicion, the best thing to do was to continue on to the facility. She walked up the pathway and finally arrived to the place Ben had left her. She saw nothing but something told her that the General could see her in fact, she could actually feel invisible eyes watching her every move.

"I'm back!" she shouted. A few seconds later she heard a rumbling noise from below the ground and before she knew it a steel door appeared on the surface. When the door opened she saw Shiloh and Ben on the other side.

"What are you waiting for? Come in," Shiloh told her. She entered the door in silence. She was still angry at her sister and she did not feel like talking to Ben. Soon, she found herself in the General's office again where Melanie and Chelsea were also waiting.

"Skyler please take a seat," the General told her. "So what changed your mind?"

Skyler looked around the room before answering, everything was exactly like it was the night before.

"I wouldn't have come back, but when you let me go something happened when I was making my way back to my place..." Skyler paused and looked at everybody, the expression on their faces gave everything away.

"But I don't have to tell you guys what happened last night because you already know what happened! I'm right aren't I?" Skyler demanded.

"Yes," the General finally said, "we set you up. We had to know what powers would manifest and I must say Ortega, you surprised us all!" Skyler's face turned crimson red with rage, it was as if all the blood in her body had accumulated in her face.

"Uh-oh," Shiloh commented.

"Uh-oh? Uh-oh? Oh no no no! " Skyler started off, "are you people crazy or something? You ordered a bus to drive straight into me! I mean who even does that? What if I had decided not save the 'blind kid?' WHAT IF I WAS KILLED? WHAT IF I DUNNO, I WAS PART OF A SMALL PERCENTAGE OF PEOPLE WHO INHERITED NO POWERS FROM THE CREATURES? HUH????" 

"Well your head did bounce off a concrete pavement when Emily blasted you and you survived. So there was a high probability that you would survive a bus hitting into you," Ben observed.

"Exactly Skyler, you survived and that's all that counts." Melanie said in a calm voice. "General Williams had an intuition and she was right."

"And did you happen to know what powers would manifest General?" Skyler asked hotly.

"To be honest no, nothing indicated that you had received any powers at all, so we actually took a shot in the dark and for that I apologize."

"Well apology NOT accepted and to make up for trying to mess with me, you people need to turn me back to normal. I don't need these powers, scratch that, i don't want these powers!"

"I'm sorry Skyler but we can't reverse your powers but we can help you control them," Melanie replied slowly. "I know this hard for you to process but we'll be here for you every step of the way."

"Yeah and this will be an opportunity for you to see what we do... Skyler you can help a lot of people with your powers," Ben said as his face lit up with a big goofy smile.

"Help people? You obviously don't know me so well blondy, I don't do that... I don't help people, I only help myself and none of you can do anything to change me."

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