CHAPTER 24: One Mission: Train Skyler

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Skyler hated General Williams office, it reminded her of the day her life had changed forever. She also thought of her day of training. She had failed the simulation and Chris and Melanie didn't give her any information about the test they had done with her brain. Just then she heard footsteps behind, she turned around to find The General and Melanie coming into the office. Melanie sat down on the chair next to Skyler and The General took her usual seat.

"We are waiting for Chelsea and we will begin," General Williams said.

"What about Shiloh and Ben?" Skyler asked.

"Chelsea will brief them tomorrow, right now we are here to talk about you."

"Okay... but..."

"Sorry I'm late General. The mind wipe took longer than usual," Chelsea said as she entered the office.

"Mind wipe?" a startled Skyler asked.

"That's not important for you to know just yet Ortega, we're here to find out what your training with Melanie brought out."

"Well," Skyler started off before Melanie could say anything, "if you call sitting in a chair and being sedated so that hurtful memories come into your thoughts training, then I have to say General, training was very successful!"

General Williams glanced at Melanie for an explanation.

"Well," Melanie said as she cleared her throat, "Chris and I realized that Skyler's powers are generated through emotions. However, the deeper her emotions are the greater her powers become. When she was taken to the dark side, another part of her powers manifested. Unfortunately, she cannot control the consequences of her actions when that side of her powers are in control..."

"How will we know when that side of her powers come to life?" Chelsea asked quickly.

"Simple," Melanie said before Skyler could add anything, "her eyes turn purple. When her eyes turn to stormy blue it means that she knows what she is doing and that she can control her actions."

"Yeah, but what has that got to do with the fact that you took me on a journey to hurtville earlier on?!" Skyler asked with rage.

"Ortega does have a point agent Stone, why did you do whatever it is you did?" the General asked.

"We needed to know what signals Skyler's brain sends to the rest of her body when she experiences the emotions she does when her powers manifest. We needed to know how everything is linked in her 'new' system so to speak."

"And? What did you find out?" The General asked. Skyler turned her full attention to Melanie as did Chelsea.

"Every decision that Skyler makes is through emotions," Melanie said as she turned to finally face Skyler. "Even if you think that you think that you make decisions, you actually don't. You just feel it and your brain tells you and the rest of your body how to react upon what you are feeling. If your thoughts took you to 'hurtville' as you say, it means your brain and your emotions and your heart, in fact the WHOLE of you hasn't forgiven yourself and this can affect what you do out there in a good way or bad way."

Everybody in the room gave Melanie confused looks.

"In short, only Skyler can control the good and bad side of her powers, but she needs to work through her emotions and learn how to control them and accept them, so that she can think clearly. And by that I mean use both emotional intelligence AND logical intelligence."

"So what? Are you gonna suggest therapy?" Skyler asked defiantly.

"No I mean more physical training and actually going out on the field during missions," Melanie said.

"WHAT?!"Chelsea almost shouted out. "We can't have her on the field just yet. What if the Godzilla side of hers comes out? How will we be able to control her?!"

"It's a risk we will have to take," Melanie replied calmly. "The more time we waste keeping Skyler in here and not putting her 'out' there, we are giving the enemy more time to be stronger."

"Yeah, but don't forget our enemy has more people like Skyler over here. How will we know how to handle them, how will she know? I think its best she keep training in here until we know what we are actually up against," Chelsea retorted.

"General what do you think?" Melanie asked.

"You mean I don't get a say in this at all?" Skyler asked. "I mean it is my brain and body that we're talking about."

"Agent Stone has a point Chelsea," General Williams said.


"Do not interrupt me Chelsea. Skyler needs to be out on the field as well. Starting tomorrow Shiloh will be in charge of any mission and you will stay here and train Ortega. The quicker you start the training the quicker she will be ready to be on the field. Melanie, is there anything else you want to add?"

"Yeah, Skyler will need a suit, Chris and I will start working on it tomorrow and as for your powers Skyler, only you have the solution to control them, and for that, you need to learn."

Skyler got up silently and left the office and Melanie followed.

"So now I have to let Shiloh deal with everything while I have to deal with her sister," Chelsea said in frustration as she got up to leave. Chelsea slammed the door shut. General Williams stared at the door for a few seconds and then composed herself.

"How do I lead a team that is tearing itself apart little by little," she said to herself. She opened her bottom drawer and took out her whiskey bottle and glass. She poured half a glass for herself and took a long meaningful sip. After that she started to massage her forehead with the tip of her fingers. She then opened her laptop to view the files. A photograph of her family appeared as her background and single tear fell down her left eye. She quickly wiped the tear off her face and went deep into her work.

"You have evaded us for too long Ethan... I wish I knew what you are planning! I especially wish I knew where you are hiding," Williams thought to herself. "There is a reason why you haven't attacked us as of yet. There is a reason you haven't come out yet. What are you waiting for? What is your goal?"

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