Chapter 37: HYBRID

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Cold sweat dripped down General Williams's forehead. For the first time in a very long time, she had no idea what to tell her team. Just then her phone rang and her level of stress increased to a tenfold.

"I need to take this call," she said. Everyone knew that was cue for them to get up and leave. Skyler was the last one out and she glanced one last time at The General before leaving the office and closing the door.

"This is all your fault," Shiloh fired at Skyler as soon as the door was closed.

"How is it my fault?" Skyler asked in shock.

"You messed up. You are supposed to have powers, capturing Emily should've been a piece of cake for you!"

"Oh you seem to be forgetting that she has powers too and there were hostages! What did you expect me to do? Just use my powers without thinking about the safety of the hostages," Skyler said hot temperedly. "And besides, the only person that messed up was you and your sidekick over here. You both let Tornado Boy escape and..."

"Oh your gonna take that road now? Let me remind you Skyler, Ben and I are NORMAL humans! Not a Hybrid like you!"

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Chelsea shouted. "It doesn't matter who is at fault, what matters is that we are in a mess. You both heard what that man said. No one is safe. Not us and not a soul in this city. I thought the two of you were supposed to be sisters!" With that Chelsea turned her back and walked away. Shiloh gave Skyler a disgusted look before pulling Ben along with her. Skyler watched her sister leave. Every single day that passed by, Shiloh became more and more unrecognizable.

Skyler didn't understand why though. She had been making huge efforts to accept her new life, to change for the better. Skyler had even started to like her new life.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Melanie asked. Skyler looked at Melanie with a blank expression on her face. She didn't realize that she was the only one left standing there with her.

"Let's go to the lab, I need to tell you more about your suit and it'll help take your mind off Shiloh," Melanie told her kindly. Skyler nodded and followed Melanie to the lab.

"So far today has been crazy huh?" Melanie asked Skyler as they walked towards the lab.

"Yeah I thought it was crazy to be in a super power fight with Emily, but finding out that you guys have mind wipers in the form of airships is even crazier," Skyler replied.

"True. We were going to tell you about it, but your training had to come first. No scratch that. You accepting yourself had to come first." Skyler glanced at Melanie when she said that. It was at that moment that she realized that Melanie had been the only one to have really treated like a normal human being. The only one who had been kind and understanding. They finally got to the lab.

"Great that you both are here," Chris said as they entered the lab. "Check this out." Chris pointed at the T.V. screen. People had started to manifest on the streets while others, the ones who had money were leaving the city.

"I don't think The Creator is gonna like that," Melanie commented. "He is going to do something about it I'm sure. He won't let these people continue to cause such chaos."

"Unless that's what his plan was. Let the people cause chaos and he comes up and gives the some sort of solution," Chris replied.

"What do you think Skyler?" Melanie asked.

"I think this creator knows exactly what he is doing and for now we need a solid plan." Melanie and Chris nodded in agreement.

"Speaking of The Creator Skyler, we need to find a name for you. For when you are all suited up," Chris said as he turned off the television.

"That's true, is there any name you have in mind Skyler," Melanie asked. Skyler thought for a moment. When she encountered Emily earlier on that day, she had realized that she never thought of a name for herself. Shiloh's words resonated in her head.

"Oh your gonna take that road now? Let me remind you Skyler, Ben and I are NORMAL humans! Not a Hybrid like you!"

She smiled to herself; she knew exactly what she wanted her name to be.

"Yeah, thanks to my sister I know exactly what I wanna be called..." Melanie and Chris looked at Skyler; she could see the curiosity eating at their eyes.

"So, what is it?" Melanie asked impatiently.

"Hybrid," Skyler finally replied.

"Hybrid?" Chris asked in confusion.

"Yeah because I'm no ordinary human anymore. I have alien DNA intertwined with my human DNA. You could say, I'm partly alien, partly human making me a Hybrid."

"You know what? I love the name!" Melanie exclaimed. "It makes total sense as well."

"Hybrid... Hmm... Hybrid, yeah I could get used to calling you that," Chris said with an enthusiastic smile.

"Great, but Emily knows my real identity and since she knows it, you can bet she has told her people about it," Skyler said.

"Don't worry, they won't be that stupid. They can't reveal who you are without compromising themselves. No one else will know your true identity," Melanie stated.

"Another important question," Skyler speculated, "where exactly is their base? I mean it has to be around here somewhere and if this traitor knows all of you, he must know where we are now. So why hasn't he attacked us here yet?"

"Those are good questions Skyler, but I think for him it's more than just attacking us," Melanie replied. Remember what you saw when you touched my hand?"

Skyler thought for a moment. She remembered this man who always seemed to be in rivalry with Melanie.

"Yeah, there was always this one guy," Skyler said.

"Yeah, he always wanted to be first in everything. I think he felt like I was more intelligent than him and well he was threatened by that. Coming here and attacking us would just be too boring for him."

"And us not knowing where his base is, is the cream on top of it all," Chris added.

"So he is some tormented pervert who just likes toying with people," Skyler said in disgust.

"Exactly. If I were you Skyler, I wouldn't expect Emily to get back to herself because he has probably already intoxicated her mind," Melanie warned.

Skyler let out a huge sigh. Everything was messed up and confusing at the moment. It was like someone was asking her to solve a puzzle but had cut the pieces into tiny pieces so that the puzzle was almost impossible to solve.

"He has an army of people like me," Skyler finally said. "We have only one of me. How are we going to win this?"

Melanie and Chris looked at Skyler unable to answer her question. All they knew at that very moment was that no one was safe and if they didn't think of something fast, no one would survive.

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