CHAPTER 46: An Offer of Survival

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The next morning Skyler, Ben and Shiloh were sent back into the city. A small group of agents accompanied them. Their mission was to find survivors. Skyler thought that the mission was pointless, any survivor would be in hiding and they wouldn't trust anyone. She felt like General Williams was just trying to get rid of them. She had passed by the med bay earlier on because she had wanted to speak to Chelsea before she left but no one was there, not even Melanie. Skyler also wanted to know the results of the test.

She had spent all night thinking about Chelsea. Her voice was full of innocence and her eyes were calm but filled with hurt and anger, she didn't blink even though she was in pain. If Skyler didn't have the powers she had, she would've believed Chelsea in a heartbeat. Even as she and the others were carefully scouting the city, she kept thinking of Chelsea. The conversation she had had with Melanie kept playing in her head like a loop.

"We all trusted Chelsea but now... Are you sure? You saw her making a deal with Ethan?"

"Yes. It was pretty clear... The memory was a bit faded, but I guess she was trying to mask it, since she has that power."

"Maybe, but you know what, I'm still gonna analyze her blood."

"Why? You don't believe me?"

"Of course I do Skyler. I know that you can see things, so of course I do but I've known Chelsea for a long time and something tells me I should do this."

Melanie had blind faith in Chelsea and that got Skyler thinking. Maybe she should've trusted Chelsea instead of outing her. Skyler could've easily said Chelsea was innocent and then spoken to her in private. Then yet again, she had almost died last night, if it hadn't been for Shiloh she would've been amongst those who had lost their lives.

Most of the buildings they went into were empty and the streets were deserted. They had to be very careful because everything on the pavement and road could hurt them.

"Okay, this silence is killing me," Ben finally said. "I know we're still shocked about Chelsea, but this city is deserted enough. We need to talk."

"And attract attention, no thank you," Shiloh replied.

"Ugh Shi look around you, we're walking in plain sight. Don't you think we're already attracting attention?" Ben retorted.

"Okay then, Skyler you've been awfully quiet too, so what's on your mind? And don't tell me Chelsea," Shiloh said.

"Then there's no use talking then," Skyler said as she shrugged.

"Oh I know that look, you are actually doubting what you saw aren't you?" Skyler kept quiet and didn't answer Shiloh's question.

"Oh My God you are!" Shiloh exclaimed a little too loudly.

"Shi keep your voice down," Ben urged.

"I'm not doubting what I saw okay. I know what I saw, it's just that Melanie doesn't want to believe it," Skyler said as she let out a tired sigh.

"Ugh Melanie, wait she your new bestie now? Oof I feel sorry for her," Shiloh said cruelly. "It won't be long before you betray her in some sort of way."

"Shiloh no need to be rude to Skyler, even you have to admit she's been trying and I for my part don't think you'll use Melanie or any of us for that matter," Ben sided with Skyler.

"Thanks Ben. I'm wondering if there might be a flaw in my powers that's all Shiloh and I'll know when we get back."

"What are you talking about?" Shiloh asked.

"Well, Melanie took some of Chelsea's blood to analyze and if the results come out negative, there is definitely a flaw in my powers."

"Wow you gotta love Melanie," Ben said with a smile, "she refuses to believe that anyone is evil even if the proof says otherwise."

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