CHAPTER 2: An old Acquaintance

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Skyler woke up the next morning with a huge headache but the headache did not make her forget about the events of the night before. She got up with some difficulty as her whole body felt very heavy. She tried to sit up straight on the sofa despite the fact that every single part of her body was screaming for her to lie down again. She tried to power through everything that she was feeling, she was even seeing little white stars in front of her. She tried getting rid of them by rubbing her eyes but that made things worse.

"I think that I need to go for a run," she decided. She slowly got up to walk towards her room, completely forgetting about the broken bottle wine on the floor. She accidentally kicked  one half of the bottle with her left toe.

"Ouch!" Skyler exclaimed out loud. She quickly put her foot to check on her toe, luckily there was no bruise or cut. "I guess i need to clean this mess up before I go." She carefully picked up the two pieces of the bottle and put them in her rubbish bin.

"Oof, I think you really need to take a cold shower before attempting to go for a run Skyler! Ugh why am I speaking so loud to myself," she almost groaned as she rubbed both sides of her temple. Making her way to the bathroom she slowly brushed her teeth, turned out that it hurt to do that as well, then she took a quick cold shower to help her feel more awake.

"Yeah, i think I feel better... Maybe I should have some coffee before leaving?" Skyler decided on not having coffee, she had gone jogging on an empty stomach before and nothing had happened to her. She was sure that a little hangover wouldn't affect her at all, at least, she hoped. 

Twenty minutes later she found herself out of the building and was greeted by a sour smell that burnt her nostrils and made her empty stomach turn upside down. Jogging didn't seem like a good idea anymore so she decided to go for a walk instead, as she was still feeling light headed and exhausted from the events of the night before. Skyler needed to clear her head from all her negative thoughts so that she could look forward to her next project. Was she heartbroken that Shiloh wanted nothing to do with her? Of course she was but she couldn't put her whole life and career on hold just to please her sister. For the past year she had been living her dream and while doing so she tried to keep the legacy of her parents alive and despite all of Shiloh's accusations, Skyler had never forgotten what her parents had taught her since she was a little girl. Soon Skyler's mind drifted to the past as she walked down the busy pathway, completely ignoring the people aound her.


"Listen Mija, you can do anything you want, all you need to do is believe in yourself," Mr Ortega told Skyler at the dinner table.

"Your father and I will always be here to support you sweetie. It's true the life of a dancer is very hard and a lot of sacrifices need to be made but we are convinced that you'll succeed and become the best in the world," Mrs Ortega said in a joyful tone.

"Thanks mum and dad, with your support, failure will never be an option," a confident Skyler replied as she took a gulp of her water.

"Yes," Mr Ortega continued as he chewed his food, "hardwork and resiliance will always be the key to success. Remember that Skyler, never giving up is they key to everything!" Skyler nodded happily as she ate her food, she loved the fact that she was the topic of conversation at the dinner table.

"So nobody wants to hear about my day?" Shiloh timidly asked. It was very hard for her to interject herself in any conversation at the breakfast or dinner table, especially when the topic of conversation was her older sister.

"Of course we do sweetie! What did you do today?" Mrs Ortega asked.

"Well, I figured out what i want to do and I did something that will make you guys proud of me for sure," Shiloh replied as her eyes sparkled with happiness.

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