CHAPTER 16: Thee Shalt not Blame Me

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Skyler had been waiting for over thirty minutes, her patience was really wearing thin. Shiloh and the others had not come back yet. She was finding it hard enough to keep track of the changes in her own life and now she couldn't shake off the uneasy feeling that was swimming inside of her gut. She played what she had seen on the screen in her head over and over again. If she had been there, she would have had a hard time defeating the guy that turned himself into a human tornado. Aside from her strength, part of her telepathic abilities and fighting skills, the rest of her powers came from her hands. Her telepathic abilities had deepened when she touched Melanie and that had taken her completely by surprise. What also really confused her was that Melanie had not felt anything. She looked at her hands once again and remembered how they could easily transform into anything she touched and then just melt the object. 

However, she also figured out that if she wanted real answers she had to use her powers to get them. She then started a debate in her head, she wondered if it was the ethical thing to do. Melanie had promised to give her the answers she wanted and since she was keeping such a big secret from Melanie, she figured it would make things even worse if she decided to conduct a private investigation on her own.

"Na, I think I need to be a little more patient, Melanie promi-" Just then she heard Shiloh and the others arrive. She immediately turned her attention to them and saw Chelsea have a quick word with both Ben and Shiloh before making her way out of the room.

"What was that all about?" Skyler asked both Shiloh and Ben as they approached her.

"Oh it's nothing, business as usual," Ben replied casually. Skyler scowled at Ben and he was taken aback. "Did I say something wrong Skyler?"

"You seem to be forgetting that I saw everything that went down when you guys went on your mission. So can either one of you tell me exactly how..."

"There is no need for us to tell you Skyler, I mean you should know right?" Shiloh interrupted. "I mean, you can read minds right? So why don't you just read our minds to find out everything you wanna know." For a minute Skyler exchanged cold glances with her sister. Just some time ago Shiloh seemed to be a little more understanding towards her and now she was acting as if Skyler had committed a crime.

"It doesn't work that way Shiloh," she finally replied. "According to Melanie, my powers are triggered by my emotions and right now I'm emotionless." Shiloh's face turned crimson red.

"Here we go again!" she exclaimed. "Look everybody its Skyler, the only person on this entire earth that can make everything all about herself..."

"And how exactly am I making things all about myself right now?"

"Woooow... Now you are even pretending to be clueless! Do you see that Ben? Do you see all the selfishness traveling all around her body?"

"Uh, I think I'm gonna stay out of th..."

"Typical you Shiloh, you always try to make me look bad every single second you get..."

"Oh I don't have to do that, you do it for yourself like all the time!"

"Guys, things are getting a little outa hand here," Ben said as he saw the color of Skyler's eyes start to change to stormy blue.

It was to late to change anything as Skyler felt the surge in her body. In an instant she could read what her sister was thinking but she could also feel what her sister was feeling too. She clenched her fists in frustration and her the color of her eyes grew deepened into dark blue and at that point Skyler felt all her potential power. Ben on the other hand grew very uneasy as he could not read the expression on Skyler's face.

"Shi, just say you're sorry so we can move on," he said with a nervous voice.

"She will never apologize," Skyler said before Shiloh could say anything, "her ego is bigger than this earth, even bigger than the universe. You like to blame everything on me, right Shiloh? Well... Maybe this will give you something to blame me for..."

"What!? What are you gonna do to me? You gonna hurt me even more that you have in the past? Scarring me emotionally isn't enough for you right? Now you wanna add some physical damage to the mix as well?"

Upon hearing those words Skyler grew hot with anger and a pit of darkness formed in her soul. She was not going to let Shiloh utter another word, she needed to silence her sister, she had enough of Shiloh's erratic behavior. Maybe, just maybe all Shiloh needed was a little discipline so that she could FINALLY realize that she, Skyler, was not the villain in the story. 

"Skyler! Don't do anything," Melanie shouted out suddenly. "Control yourself," she said as she continued to approach Skyler slowly. "Shiloh is your sister, not your enemy, calm down... You don't wanna do something that you will regret. I know deep down inside you don't wanna hurt her. I trust you Skyler, now please calm down." Upon hearing Melanie's voice Skyler anger slowly faded away and she reluctantly listened to Melanie. They surge slowly in her body died down until her eyes returned to its normal color.

"Wow, just wow," Shiloh said with utmost sarcasm, "you were about to hurt me, your own sister but as soon as Melanie talks to you, you suddenly hear everything she says and you obey her like a puppy!"

"Shiloh, stop adding fuel to the fire," Ben urged, he did not want Skyler's powers to return, he was not a fan of Skyler when she had no control over her powers. However, Skyler preferred to remain silent and control herself, Melanie was right, she did not want to do something to Shiloh because she knew she would regret it bitterly.

"Chris, take Skyler to the lab, I will meet you guys there in a few minutes," Melanie said. Chris nodded as he led Skyler to the lab. After they had left, Melanie turned her attention to Shiloh and Ben.

"What the hell was that?" she asked angrily.

"What do you mean?" Shiloh fired back with an equally angry voice.

"You did something or said something to trigger her emotions and she turned into whatever it is she becomes when her powers kick in," Melanie said loudly.

"Oh so now you are taking her side? Someone you just met rather than me?" Shiloh asked furiously.

"Oh no no no no no no no no no no no NO! You ain't gonna play that card with me Shiloh!"

"What card? What card are you talking about?"

"The 'oh look at me, I'm always the victim' card," Melanie replied in complete rage. "Well guess what Shiloh? You ain't the victim here; Skyler is. Shame on you for not wanting to understand that!" Melanie stormed away before Shiloh could say anything.

Ben let out a low whistle after Melanie had left.

"Well that conversation ended awkwardly," he told Shiloh. Shiloh gave Ben a murderous look as she left the room.

"Good old Ben, the guy that every girl wants to kill," he said to himself. "I'm gonna get myself a drink."

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