CHAPTER 32: The Start Of His Revenge

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Emily sat on her bed, the day had come. She stretched her arms as she thought of what was going to go down in a few hours. It was like she had been given a new lease on life ever since she had been recruited by The Creator. She had no idea what happened to the rest of her crew after the explosion, but she hoped that they were alright. She and her crew had always been survivors, so Emily knew down deep inside of her that no matter what, each and every single member was doing what needed to be done to stay alive.

She thought about Skyler for a short moment. She thought about how she was finally going to get her revenge. Skyler had left them high and dry. Her father died because if Skyler, Emily could never forget that. It was one thing to lose a friend, but it was a very different thing to lose a loved one in death. To Emily the pain of losing someone she loved forever was like a scar that kept opening and closing, causing a never ending pain.

"You will have to pay with your life Skyler," she thought as hot tears poured down her cheeks. "I lost my father because of you and now your sister will lose you because of no one else but you. You will pay for your selfishness and there won't be anyone around to save you."

She quickly got up and prepared herself for the day. She had to meet Ryan, Troy and Jade in thirty minutes.

Soon she was in what Jade called 'The Doomsday Room.' Jade gave the room that name because that was the room where all plans were put into action.

"Okay Troy your goal is to destroy those luxury apartments. Remember show no mercy. You shouldn't care if anyone is at home. Remember it's those rich scumbags that ruined your life. Remember, those privileged people treated you like a slave," Jade said. Troy nodded at Jade as he narrowed his eyes.

"Oh believe me, I have no idea what mercy means," he replied. Jade nodded at him with approval and almost pride.

"That's what I like to hear! Emily your target is the North Bridge petrol station. It's the most used petrol station in this city. Light it up! Light it up so much that the flames look like blood!" Jade told her with an evil twinkle in her eyes.

"Consider the job done," Emily replied in a motivated voice. Upon hearing that Jade gave Emily an approving pat on her shoulders.

"Now Ryan, I'm sure you are very happy with what you have to do. Am I right?"

"Yes," Ryan replied immediately. "I will take great pleasure destroying the people who took my ideas and made them their own."

"The same people who are swimming in money that is supposed to be your money," Jade added. Ryan felt his blood go up to his head when he heard those words. His own fiancée left him because of what happened at his workplace.

"I.AM.READY," Ryan said slowly.

"Good. Very good. Now before I let you go there are two more things that I have to tell you. Well the first thing, I will show you."

Jade pressed a button on the table that nobody had noticed. The table opened up in the middle and three briefcases made their way up. Each briefcase had names written on them. All three of them looked at the briefcases in shock.

"Euh what do those names mean?" Emily asked in confusion. "Lycan, Projection and The Servant?"

"Those are your villain names and the second thing I had to talk to you about. Inside those briefcases are your suits. You didn't think we would let you go out there and reap havoc in the clothes you are wearing right now, right?"

"Oh man this is so cool," Troy said in excitement.

"So who is who?" Emily asked almost impatiently.

"Emily, you are Projection, due to the unique powers your eyes received. Amazing how you learnt how to control it and only summon the rays when you need them. Take your briefcase and go change quickly. Troy you are Lycan. We chose this name for you because of your ability to shape shift which is a much more dangerous power than your ability to control the elements. Take your briefcase and go change." Troy didn't have to be told twice. Just like Emily he loved his villain name.

"So Emily gets Projection and Troy gets Lycan. Why the hell did I get The Servant?" Ryan asked in an annoyed voice.

"Because you are directly under our boss The Creator. You were the chosen one, the one that got the gift that he intended for a specific person. Your name doesn't signify that you are a literal servant, your name signifies that you are on another level. It signifies that if Troy or Emily were to disobey you, or disobey our boss, you could finish them off just like that," Jade said as she snapped her fingers. "Do you still have a problem with the name we chose for you?" Ryan thought about it for a few seconds.

"Well if you put it that way, then no, I have no problem with the name chosen for me," he finally replied.

"Good. Take your briefcase and go change. You all know where to meet me once you're done."

"So the three of us are just gonna waltz around the city wearing our suits? Won't that attract attention?" Ryan asked.

"How do you know you will attract attention when you haven't even seen your suit yet Ryan? Go change. Trust me, you won't be disappointed," Jade replied. Ryan nodded and left the room.

"Finally," Jade thought to herself, "a bit of action!" 

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