Chapter 33: CHAOS Part 1

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Forty-five minutes later Ryan found himself standing in front of the building he once worked in. The painful memories struck him at once. He remembered the day he was fired, accused of selling secrets to the rival company.

The evidence against him was strong and he didn't have the money to fight the case. His old bosses played on that and told him if he walked away, they would not file a lawsuit against him.

What they didn't tell him though was that they had made sure he wouldn't be able to find another job in any other business.

That's when Octavia, his fiancée left him. She said she didn't have time for a fraud and a loser and that she had clearly made a mistake. Ryan ended up on the streets with no food, no water and just the one shirt and trouser that he had on when the landlord kicked him out of the apartment he was renting.

"Today, today things change. Today they will pay!" he thought to himself.

"Guys do you hear me?" Jade suddenly said.

"Loud and clear," he heard Troy reply.

"Same here," Emily said.

"And you Ryan?" Jade asked.

"Yeah I hear ya," he replied.

"Okay have you all reached your destinations?"

"Yes," they all replied at once.

"Okay Ryan go in and have a chat with your former director in five minutes. Emily and Troy suit up and do exactly what you know you need to do," Jade told them.

"You don't have to tell me twice," Troy replied.

"Less chit chat more chaos," Emily said.

Soon Ryan heard all sorts of noises in his ear piece. He heard cries, shouting, yelling, screaming and explosions one after the other. To his left he saw thick dark smoke climbing up high into the air at a rapid pace. He knew that was Emily's job.

"Okay Ryan, there's the distraction you need, go in and do what you have to do."

Ryan nodded even and made his way inside the building. As he was going in, people were running out to see what was going on so no one paid attention to him. He casually got in one of the elevators and headed to the top floor. When he got there most of the workers inside were distracted by what was going on at the petrol station and tornado destroying all the luxury apartments. He casually walked up to the director's door and opened it without knocking.

"Look I don't know what's going on but there is a tornado destroying the apartments we live in. I need you and the kids to stay away from..."

"Hello Mr. Lee," Ryan said with a sly smile. Mr. Lee stopped talking to his wife over the phone and glanced up at Ryan. His blood grew cold when he saw his former employee standing in front of him.

"Whaaaat... What are you doing here?" he asked Ryan in a timid scared voice.

"Simple," Ryan said as he made himself comfortable on one of the chairs. "Payback."

"Look Ryan, you left with no charges and..."

"If I were you I would not utter another word Lee. You people stole my idea. Who was the guy that worked his ass off for this company? Me! Who was the guy that was the first one in and the last one out? Me! Who came up with an idea worth billions that actually saved this damn company? Me! And how did you repay Mr. Lee? Tell me how did you repay me!?" Mr. remained silent. Ryan was one of the best graphic designers he had ever met, but was also very naïve and trusting. Mr. Lee had used that to his own advantage and stole Ryan's project right under his nose.

"Because of you I lost my home. My family turned their backs on me. Octavia left me! And I ended up a beggar on the streets! Well today is the start of my revenge and what better way to start it." Ryan proceeded to stand up and walk towards Mr. Lee.

"You see I'm gonna share one more secret with you Lee," Ryan told him dangerously, "but this time you won't be able to tell anyone about it. That tornado destroying your home and those explosions going on at the petrol station are all part of a well-oiled plan. Two people who have suffered just as much as me are working under me now and very soon this city will belong to our Master, The creator." Mr. Lee looked at Ryan as if he was crazy.

"I knew you wouldn't believe. Welp Lee, I hope you said your goodbye's to your wife and kids because you will never see them again."

Mr. Lee's eyes widened in shock as he saw Ryan transform.

"No please.... No, I'll do anything. Please... Please... PLEASE!!!"

"Sorry Lee I am The Servant and you will have to die!"

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