CHAPTER 48: Innocent until Proven Guilty

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Skyler and Shiloh made their way to the park to intercept Chris. It was the first time Skyler had been sent out on a mission alone with her sister. Skyler didn't know what to expect from Shiloh. She had shown two sides of her. Shiloh could be understanding and kind at times but other times she was just so inconsiderate and rude. She had no idea where she stood with Shiloh, she had been making loads of efforts and had finally started to love her new life. The only missing piece to her puzzle was her sister's true and heartfelt forgiveness. Was it a good time to bring up the topic? Skyler didn't know, well all she had to do was read her sister's mind. She really wanted to, in fact, she really wanted to read General Williams mind too. She didn't blame those agents for leaving, if she had been in their shoes, she would've done the same thing for sure.

"What are you thinking about?" Shiloh asked as she kept her eyes on the road. For once they were not in a van, but a normal car. Although Skyler didn't think it was logical to be driving around in a normal car, it would attract a lot of attention as well.

"Everything that's gone down these last few days. Chelsea found guilty but not really guilty. We lost our first battle and not forgetting everyone else we lost. Now Chris of all people is the mole. I don't wanna believe it!"

"You're forgetting to mention the fact that your powers have flaws," Shiloh replied with a chuckle. Skyler gazed at Shiloh in complete astonishment. She had just mentioned serious issues, things that actually hurt but all Shiloh could think about was the fact that her powers somehow had flaws.

"What?" Shiloh asked as she could feel her sister's gaze. "What I just said is true. You screwed up when you read Chelsea's life, so the only one to blame is you."

"Here we go again! You keep blaming for everything that goes wrong. It's been this way since we were kids!"

"Oh yeah since we were kids?!"

"Yeah. Remember when you broke mum's favorite flower vase? You blamed it on me! When you were sixteen and you smashed dad's car into the wall of our garage? You blamed it on me! Hell I'm sure if you could, you would've blamed mum and dad's accident on me! When are you gonna let go Shiloh?"

"Never! Everything bad that's ever happened to me is and will forever be your fault! And you didn't even make it up to me after the accident, you just left!"

"Oh I just left?"





"WHAT DID YOU EXPECT ME TO DO?!" she yelled as soon as the car came to halt. "SIT DOWN ALONE IN THAT HOUSE?"

"Oh cut the crap Shiloh! You were always gonna leave the house, accident or no accident. Your just like me in that sense, you didn't put your career on hold so stop blaming for everything. I'm sure if Armageddon arrived tomorrow you'd find a way to blame that on me too. Enough is enough! I'm tired of your attitude!"

"Yes, in fact this whole world would've been a hell of a lot better if you never existed! This world started to SUCK the day you were born!"

Skyler felt her surge, her eyes turned stormy blue with little shades of purple. Upon seeing this, Shiloh decided to add fuel to the fire.

"Oh so now you're gonna use your powers on me? Go ahead! It'll prove everything I said to be true!" Skyler then closed her eyes to try and control her emotions. She was on a mission with Shiloh, it was not the time and place to waste her powers on her sister, and she decided that it wasn't worth it. The surge slowly died down and the color of her eyes went back to its normal color.

"Let's just go get Chris," Skyler replied in a calmer voice. Taken aback, Shiloh silently turned the car back on and drove to the park. The rest of the ride was done in complete silence.

Chris was easy to find at the park, a little too easy for that matter. He was sitting on one of the benches and seemed to be in deep thought.

"He doesn't seem to be waiting for someone," Skyler remarked. Shiloh remained silent, there was no way she was gonna utter another to Skyler.

"Chris, we need to go back," Shiloh said as they walked up to him.

"What are you guys doing here?" Chris asked in shock. "And how did you know you'd find me here?"

"You ain't the one who should be asking us questions," Shiloh snapped before Skyler could say anything. "The General sent us to get you. We are having a memorial for everyone we lost and it starts in less than two hours."

"Oh, in that case let's go," Chris said as he got up and started to follow Shiloh and Skyler.

As they were walking back a thought hit Skyler. Her gut told her Chris was innocent and she decided to follow in Melanie's footsteps. She may have made a mistake with Chelsea but that didn't mean the same mistake would occur again. So when they got to the car she decided to sit next to Chris at the back.

"Why aren't you sitting in the front?" Chris asked as they got into the car.

"We just had a fight," Skyler replied loudly, "and I don't wanna sit with her in the front." Shiloh scowled when she heard her sister's words but did not say anything.

The car ride back to the Organization was silent, Skyler knew she had to act before the got back. But how would she touch Chris without him noticing. She glanced at him, he seemed lost in his thoughts. He looked as if he was absent minded, so she decided to read his mind a little first. She closed her eyes and started to concentrate and soon enough she heard Chris' voice in his head.

"I still cannot believe it was Chelsea all along. She lied to me! LIED to me! That means everything she's ever told me has been nothing but a lie! She was just using me so that she could get what she wants. So that she could give Ethan what he wants! I can't get passed her lies and just ca..."

Skyler stopped listening to Chris' thoughts. He was very deeply hurt by everything and all he was thinking about was Chelsea. No, he couldn't be the mole but she had to make sure. She discretely pressed the little button on one her gloves and watched it turn into a bracelet. She then slowly moved her hand towards Chris. She then placed the tip of her index finger on one of Chris' fingers. As soon as she made contact with his hand, his life flashed before her and there was absolutely no memory that can accuse him of being the mole.

She quickly pulled her finger away and turned her gloves back on. So if the mole was not Chelsea or Chris, then who the hell was?

That thought was stuck in Skyler's head until they reached the Organization.

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