CHAPTER 56: Operation Vanish

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Despite driving as fast as she could, Shiloh had arrived there before Skyler, she had even brought Emily with her, who seemed back to normal.

"Your mind scrambling thing doesn't last so long Ortega! Troy is also back to his usual self. If this interests you, we are slaying your people right now!"

"Where is Melanie?" Skyler asked, at that very moment she could not worry about the others.

"In there," Shiloh said slyly. Skyler looked around and saw nothing. Then Shiloh pressed button from a key she was holding and a very sophisticated helicopter appeared.

"Sleuth mode sister! Emily get Melanie out of the helicopter." Emily immediately did so and brought Melanie in front of Skyler. Her two hands were tied behind her back.

"Just let her go. You guys want me and I'm here in front of both of you! Emily you can finally get that revenge you wanted!"

"Take off your suit Skyler," Shiloh ordered.

"Don't listen to them Skyler!" Melanie pleaded.

"Shut-up!" Emily snapped as she slapped Melanie across the face.

"Don't even think of coming closer Skyler," Shiloh told her. "If you don't want to see your best friend get hurt, you will do as we say. Do we have an understanding?"


"Give it up Ethan, you have nowhere else to go. You are cornered in your own building!" Chelsea said.

"Do the both of you think that you have me trapped? My named is Ethan Bridge and I am the Creator. I am never alone!" Just then Chelsea and Ben heard the click of a gun behind them.

"Put your weapons down," Jade told the firmly. "PUT YOUR GUNS DOWN!" Chelsea and Ben had no option but to obey when Jade had raised her voice. Both of the slowly put their weapons down.

"Good, very good. Now turn around and face me," she continued. Chelsea and Ben did just so, it was only then that they noticed the weapon Jade was holding was not from Earth.

"Its safe now boss," she told Ethan. He gave Jade an approving smile as he approached her.

"You see Chelsea, I've built a community of people here. People who have the same goals and ambitions as I. People who society mistreated and humiliated, we are all here with a common cause... We will erase all vermin like you on this earth..." A sudden explosion was heard and Ethan ran to window and saw that the army had arrived.

"This is impossible!" he exclaimed in rage.

"We also have a few tricks up our sleeves," Chelsea told him with a smirk.

"I'll show you a few tricks up your slee..." A shot was heard and Jade dropped to the floor with her eyes left open. Ethan, Ben and Chelsea looked at Jade with utter shock.

"Anyone call the cavalry?" Leonard suddenly said. "Backup has arrived! Ethan Bridge your time is up!" You have nowhere to go, the army is here now..."

"Yeah that's what you think!" Ethan said as he quickly removed a chain with a pendant that he was hiding inside his shirt. He opened the pendant and pressed a button, with that he smiled as the evilness in his eyes glowed.

"What did you do Ethan?" Ben asked. "What did that button do?" Desperate screams were heard all of a sudden.

"Guess whose back guys?" Ethan asked in a sing song voice.

"You guys need to retreat immediately! That ass has released the aliens that we thought we defeated. He has been harboring them! Retreat immediately!" General Williams ordered through the earpiece. Confused and shocked Ben, Chelsea and Leonard had no other option but to try and get away. Ethan in the meantime had picked up Jade's gun and blasted a shot at Leonard and it hit him in the back.

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