CHAPTER 22: Mind Trip to the Past

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"Thanks you can stop me right here," Skyler told the taxi driver. She quickly got out of the car and hurried home. Although she felt guilty for abandoning her friends at the competition, she couldn't wait to tell her parents that she had finally received an opportunity. She started to run towards her house with a huge grin on her face, but her grin disappeared almost immediately when she saw smoke up ahead and heard screams. As she got closer she recognized the voice that was screaming. She accelerated only to find Shiloh on her knees, weeping her heart out.

"Shiloh, what's going on? Why are you screaming and crying?" Skyler asked worriedly. Without a word Shiloh pointed at a car that was squashed underneath a truck. Skyler recognized the car in a split second, it belonged to her parents. Tears flowed down her eyes as she too fell on her knees; Shiloh grabbed on to her and hugged her. They did not even hear the sound of the ambulance and firefighter trucks arrive.


"So you are just gonna leave" Shiloh asked angrily. Skyler looked at her sister and sighed.

"I don't have a choice, I signed a contract and I need to live up to my obligations Shiloh." Shiloh glared at Skyler; her eyes were filled with icy rage.

"So those strangers are more important to you than me," she almost snarled out.

"It's not that Shiloh. You think I'm not dying inside every second? You think I'm not hurting? If I had the power to turn back time I would. If I could redo so many things from that day I would in a heartbeat, but I can't do that, no matter how much I want to, I can't!"

"So what you just said justifies you leaving me here alone to face all this pain?"

"I am not trying to justify myself Shiloh. I'm talking about the responsibility I have. Mum and Dad would have wanted me to do this. I am doing this for them just as much as I am doing this for me."

Shiloh shook her head at her sister. She knew that nothing was going to change Skyler's mind.

"So you have no problem just abandoning me," she finally said.

"I am not abandoning you. You will always be my sister, but I need to do this. It's not like you will be alone. You still have the academy and your friends at the academy. I'm sure you will do what you've always wanted to do and be the Officer that dad was and even more! I know you can and I believe you can, you just need to channel this pain into it."

"So now you are using my career to cushion the guilt you are feeling. Wow Skyler you really are a heartless soul," Shiloh said with an exasperated gasp.

Skyler was at a loss of words. She didn't know how to handle everything that her sister was feeling, she couldn't even handle her own feelings. She knew that she had to go and down deep inside of her, she knew that that was exactly what her parents would've wanted. She couldn't and wouldn't put her life on hold for her sister.

"Look Shi, you are a grown adult, you are gonna graduate from the academy. You will start the job that you've always wanted to have. So do what our parents would've wanted you to do, become that savior for the innocent and be the better person. You were always the better person between the both of us, so do not put you career or your life on hold, move forward. If you can't find the strength on your own, gather the strength from all the memories our parents gave us."

"Fine. I'm going to my room, Storm will be picking me up to head back to the academy. Take your keys and I'll take mine. Don't bother coming to say goodbye, coz I'm not interested in saying goodbye to a traitor." With that Shiloh went to her room and slammed her door shut. Skyler felt tears accumulating in her eyes.

A huge wave a guilt entered her soul and she felt it right up to her roots but Skyler tried to shake it off. She needed to go, she needed to run away from it all. She heard her taxi arrive, she glanced one more time in the direction of Shiloh's room and sighed sadly. She made her way to the taxi and decided not to look back.


"Whatever she's thinking about is pretty intense," Chris said as he looked at the data.

"I agree, but look at all the emotions her brain in triggering. Sadness, frustration, guilt, there isn't one bit of happiness," Melanie replied.

"Damn! This girl has a lot of emotional baggage huh?" Chris commented.

"She does, but that's why I think her powers manifest the way they do. Skyler will probably deny this, but I think that every decision she has ever made has never been with her brain. No logic, just feelings and I guess passion. She loves dancing and she felt she the need to make her parents proud. Her engine is her heart, she has high emotional intelligence."

"Won't that be a liability once she is out there?" Chris asked.

"Only if she makes it a liability. Okay the sedatives effects will wear out soon. These results have given me a lot to think about. Oh when she wakes up she will have a lot of questions. Answer her as vaguely as possible, I will talk to her tonight."

Chris nodded at Melanie as she left the lab. He heard Skyler start groaning as she started to wake up.

"Oh boy," Chris said to himself.

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