Chapter 5: Operation Skyler Part 1

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"Come in and close the door," General Williams ordered. Skyler kept staring at her sister even though Shiloh did not make eye contact with Skyler. Ben on the other hand was happy to see Skyler again.

"We meet again," he told her with a sheepish smile as he sat down. Skyler narrowed her eyes and scowled at him, she couldn't get past the thought that Shiloh and blondy worked in this facility. General Williams cleared her throat to get everyone's attention.

"Skyler, you already know Ben and of course Shiloh. It's Chelsea that you are not acquainted too," she started off. Skyler glanced at Chelsea and gave her a small smile. Chelsea gave Skyler half a nod, in fact Chelsea didn't seem very pleased that Skyler was there.

"These three are my best field assets," the General continued.


"Skyler I would appreciate it if you don't interrupt me okay? Keep your mouth shut until you get permission to speak. Understood?" Skyler slowly nodded.

"Good. As I was saying, Shiloh, Ben and Chelsea are my best field assets. They are the most talented agents in this room right now..." Skyler could not contain the shock she was feeling as she stared at Ben in disbelief. Yes she believed that Shiloh could make a very good agent, in fact there was not a shadow of a doubt that her little sister was one of the best, but not Ben! Skyler had definately judged him the wrong way ! 

"Please contain your shock Skyler, there are a lot of things that you don't know anything about. You see, a lot of people put their hopes in that good for nothing mayor, but we are the ones that keep this town safe, we keep it running and we make sure that justice is always served on a hot platter," General Williams continued.

"Okkayyyy," Skyler responded slowly. "I get it, you guys are this city's protectors and don't get me wrong I think that's great! Yet you still haven't answered my one very important question; why am I here?"

"I was getting to that... You see Skyler, no one knows we exist, we just do. You don't need to know all the details about who runs this show, it's just an honor to actually be a part of the show..." 

"General," Melanie interrupted, "I think it's important to tell Skyler what she needs to know please." General Williams did not like being interrupted but she knew Melanie had a point.

"So for me to answer your question Skyler, your first have to tell what you remember before you woke up here." Skyler's blood started to boil as she started to lose patience. These people were not getting straight to the point and now she had to tell them what happened? It was obvious they already knew so why did they need her to tell them the same story all over again? Skyler was about to retort something very rude when she glanced at her sister and a wave of remorse filled her soul. For Shiloh's sake she would recount last night's events, so Skyler let out a huge sigh before she started to speak. 

"I was feeling restless last night due to personal issues so I decided to go out for a walk. I didn't know where I was going until I got to the park, an event was about to start and that's when blondy here came up to me and sat way to close..."

"Yeah that's true," Ben confirmed as Skyler glared at him.

 "Since blondy here has confirmed that he was indeed at the park with me last night, there's no need for me to continue the story. Which brings me to my next unanswered question, is Emily here and what in the world happened to her eyes?"

"Emily isn't here unfortunately... Our priority was to save you," the General replied. "We weren't expecting you at the scene, but as soon as Shiloh saw you, we had to come up with another plan. Ben didn't just randomly decide to sit next to you..."

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