Chapter 17: Just Human? Never Again!

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Chris and Skyler waited patiently for Melanie to arrive. Skyler was fuming inside, she couldn't get over Shiloh's attitude towards her. One minute she seemed understanding the next minute she was rude and the vibes she let out were colder than both the north and south poles combined.

"Sorry, I had to have a word with Shiloh," Melanie said as she entered the lab. "Skyler there is something you need to know about yourself." Skyler immediately turned her attention to Melanie.

"I know you still have a lot of questions about this place, but I think it's better for you to understand what's going on with you first." Melanie paused as she glanced and Chris who immediately understood that he had to back Melanie up.

"You see Skyler we conducted a very in depth analysis of your DNA particles so that we could figure out where your powers come from," Chris continued.

"And? What did you guys find out?" Skyler asked almost impatiently. Melanie and Chris exchanged glances, none of them wanted to give Skyler the news.

"Why are you two silent all of a sudden? Do I have to read it out of your minds? I'm starting to get a hang of my telepathic powers you know!"

"No thank you, I don't want you entering my personal space," Chris replied as he pointed to his head.

"Okay, I'll just pretend what you said isn't weird at all because there are more pressing issues to sort out," Skyler said as she looked straight at Melanie.

Melanie took a deep breath before she spoke, she knew that Skyler was having a hard enough time accepting her new life and her new situation. So the news she had to give her would certainly be the final blow.

"I need you to promise me that you will remain calm because what I am about to tell you isn't easy. In fact you should remain seated," Melanie started off cautiously. Skyler took a deep breath before she nodded at Melanie.

"I promise to remain calm, I trust you Melanie," she finally said. Relieved, Melanie slowly approached Skyler and took a chair to sit in front of her.

"The 'creatures' that bit you were carrying alien DNA in them. In fact, it seems like a manufactured serum from the aliens themselves..."

"Wait, I don't understand, how could someone get a hold of alien DNA?" Skyler asked in confusion.

"Remember the aliens I told you about earlier? Remember I told you about the traitor who wanted to use their technology and resources?"


"Well we believe that in our final battle he managed to get a hold of at least two of the aliens to carry out this plan. In fact we still dunno how he pulled it off, but he did. However what we know for sure is that it's their DNA particles that fused with yours..." Melanie's voice trailed off as she saw the expression on Skyler's face.

For a moment, deep and heavy silence filled the lab. Chris twiddled with his thumbs uneasily and Melanie continued to stare at Skyler uneasily as they both felt the raw emotional vibes that Skyler was letting out. Very slowly the color of Skyler's eyes started to change again, this time to dark purple. Melanie and Chris' eyes widened in shock and fear.

"I thought her eyes turned from light brown to stormy blue when her powers kick in," Chris whispered to Melanie.

Melanie heard what Chris told her but she could utter a word in reply. Skyler seemed to be in another world, it was as if Melanie and Chris did not exist anymore. Suddenly Skyler grabbed her head with both hands and fell to the floor and started convulsing uncontrollably.

"Melanie we need to do something," Chris said in panic. She knew that Chris was right but she had no idea what to do.

"MELANIE! SNAP OUTA OF IT! SKYLER CAN DIE HERE!" Chris shouted urgently. Melanie tried to come to her senses, but something seemed to be stopping her from making a move forward. Tired of waiting for Melanie to tell him what to do, Chris decided to grab the serum that they used on Skyler when she first came to them. He hurried as he prepared the injection, his hands trembled so much that he dropped the first dose and had to make a second one.

"Ok ok ok ok ok ok, this has to work," he reassured himself. Taking a few quick breaths, he rushed to Skyler who was still convulsing uncontrollably on the floor. As he tried to touch her, Skyler swung at him with her right arm and projected him a few feet away. The injection crashed to the floor while Chris fell hard on his back. He tried to get up but was in too much pain to even stand.

"Melanie! You gotta do something!" he shouted out as in winced in pain. When Melanie saw that Chris was hurt, she tried hard to fight the force that was stopping her to take action to help Skyler. Once she gained some confidence she quickly approached Skyler, but at that very moment Skyler let out a screeching scream. Melanie fell to her knees and blocked her ears with her hands. She glanced quickly at Chris and saw that he was doing the same thing. Skyler's screeching scream lasted for about a minute, but the pitch of her scream broke nearly everything made out of glass in the lab.

Finally her scream came to a halt and Melanie and Chris could finally unblock their ears. They looked around their lab and were in fearful shock when realized how much damage one scream had caused. They could not utter a word to each other. It was Skyler's heaving breathing that got their attention. They both got up to their feet and approached Skyler cautiously. Skyler's back was facing them so they had no idea if she her eyes were still dark purple.

"Skyler?" Melanie asked uneasily. When Skyler did not respond, a cold shiver went down Melanie's spine. Chris grabbed a hold of her arm to stop her from moving closer to Skyler. In doing so he stepped on a broken piece of glass and that sound got Skyler's attention. She turned around in a split second and both Melanie and Chris sighed in relief when they saw that her eyes were back to normal. Skyler looked up and Melanie and Chris, sweat was pouring down her forehead and cheeks like a waterfall. The sweat masked the fact that Skyler was crying and the tears from her eyes joined her sweat to add to the waterfall of water on her face.

Melanie and Chris did not know what to say to Skyler as she looked at them with an expression that they could not decipher. Finally Skyler stood up and she realized the mess she had caused in the lab.

"I'm sorry," was all she could blurt out. Melanie then knew it was safe to get closer to Skyler. She gently placed her hands on her shoulder.

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