Chapter 53: Initiation

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The aliens made Ethan and everybody else sit in a circle in what seemed like an abandoned hall. A lot of questions circled in Shiloh's mind. Emily had asked the right question, how on earth had Ethan pulled all of this off. A city underneath another city wasn't the only thing Shiloh wondered about. How did these aliens eat? What did they eat? How did Ethan provide food for them? Did they drink water? Just as she was about to ask those questions the door of the hallway opened. They all turned around to see who was coming in. Two aliens came in and they were accompanied by two other aliens that were smaller in size. Their green and blue skin mixed well together. Shiloh couldn't help but notice that their skin looked as smooth as a snake. However, just like everybody else in the room (aside Jade and Ethan), she was shocked to see the similarities they had with the human body. Two legs, two arms, a nose, a mouth and two eyes. However, they all had blue eyes which reminded Shiloh of Skyler's eyes when her powers kicked in.

The two bigger aliens were clearly the ones in charge. They walked past everyone and stood in the middle of the circle that they had made. The two smaller aliens watched at a distance. Ethan proceeded to stand up and summoned the others to do the same. The two aliens looked at them all very slowly before pointing at Ryan and Shiloh. They then summoned them to join them in the middle of the circle and the two of them obeyed without hesitation. Using gestures the aliens got Ryan and Shiloh to hold hands and then they gestured Ethan and the others to come closer until they were a tight circle.

"This initiation is not what I expected and I'm not saying this in a good way," Troy told Emily under his breath. Emily nodded in agreement, at that very moment she felt like she was back in kindergarten. However any other she was feeling quickly went out the window. The two aliens started a chant in a language she did not understand but that chant took her and the others into some sort of phase. As the chant continued the eyes of the aliens turned stormy blue and then after a few seconds their eyes turned purple and everything little ounce of space in the hall felt dark. One of the aliens then stood in between Ryan and Shiloh, took their hands and then bonded them. Both Ryan and Shiloh could not understand what they were feeling at that very moment but whatever it was it was on another level. Soon their eyes turned purple too and only then did they feel in full control of themselves. Once they were fully bonded the aliens then proceeded to touch the Troy and Emily's face and they both felt a force take over them and Troy's eyes turned green whereas Emily's eyes turned red.

One of the aliens mumbled something in Ethan's ear. No one knew what the alien told him but they all could see that it made him very happy. The aliens then walked away from them without looking back.

"I dunno what those aliens did to me but I feel more alive than ever!" Emily exclaimed.

"As do I," Troy said in agreement.

"And you should," Ethan added, "you are all now at your full potential! You see the missing ingredient to your powers was this initiation session. Were you all strong before? Yes indeed! But now you are stronger than ever!" Ethan then turned his attention to Shiloh and Ryan.

"You two! Are you both feeling stronger than ever?"

"I do," Ryan replied immediately, "but I feel this strange attachment towards her."

"And I feel that same attachment towards you as well," Shiloh speculated.

"Yeah what is up with those two? Why did they need to be bonded?" Emily asked.

"Well," Jade said as she cleared her throat, "we all know that Shiloh's powers consists of blocking the powers of the enemy. She can even block human movement if she wanted..."

"Wait what? I thought I could only block..."

"You can do much more than that Shiloh. Ryan is the biggest threat to our enemy due to his unique power. You two needed the bonding so that you can act as Ryan's protector."

"Wait, so I have to babysit him?" Shiloh blurted out as Emily and Troy burst out laughing.

"No he is too strong for that but should things go south you need to be there for him and vice versa. Skyler hasn't reached her full potential yet and if she ever does, she will be stronger than all of you combined. She just doesn't know it yet and well Melanie hasn't figured it out yet!"

"Well if that's the case you need to show me what you can do right here right now!" Shiloh said as she turned her attention to Ryan. "I need to prepare for the eventuality of well saving your ass!"

Ryan looked at Ethan as if to seek his approval and Ethan nodded immediately.

"Go on Ryan but be quick, we need to be here when the slaves arrive."

"Just one question though, before Ryan shows off his powers," Emily interrupted, "how come it's only the four of us that got initiated? What about the rest of your army?"

"Because you four are the only ones we trust! If we gave everyone access to what you got, well maybe just maybe there would be power hungry rebels and we cannot have that!" Jade replied in Ethan's place.

"Ohhhh okay," Emily replied slowly.

"Yeah can we just fast forward to the part where Ryan shows me his powers please," an impatient Shiloh said.

"Ok go on Ryan, show Shiloh what you can do," Ethan said in an exasperated voice. What he really wanted to do was leave the underground to find out how things were going at the park.

"Yeah, you better step back," Ryan told Shiloh. She immediately moved away from Ryan and watched him transform in awe. He looked exactly like the aliens, it was as if he had been one all along. The others also looked at him in absolute shock! Ryan himself seemed amazed at what he had just did.

"Dude I thought you could turn into anything people feared since you got that enhanced sensory power, this is a whole other level!" Troy said as he gasped.

"How did I do this?" Ryan asked Ethan.

"Due to the initiation, people will fear us now Ryan, plus you will see that you will be as strong as them and once you accept the transformation other gifts will come in due time."

"I kinda wish I got that power," Shiloh said half jealous.

"You guys are connected remember," Jade said. "We hope in battle you will be able to unite and become one unit!"

"So we will find this out only if we go out there? What are we waiting for?" Shiloh asked.

"Don't be so impatient Shiloh, we don't need to go to the fight, the fight will come to us. We will protect our masters so that no one knows they are here. Only after we defeat our enemies will they be free to roam above the underground!" Shiloh and the others remained silent but they knew that Ethan was right. Ryan slowly transformed back to his original body.

"Ew, just ew," Emily commented.

"This is no time to be disgusted Projection! Now let's go up and see how things are going at the park. I'm sure loads of people will surrender to us!" Ethan said with an evil laugh.

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