Chapter 3: Right Place, Wrong Time

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Skyler grew tired of waiting for Shiloh to come back to see her or at the very least, call her back. She kept looking at her door, half expecting to hear a knock but of course that didn't happen. When she left a year ago, Skyler never stayed in touch with anyone, so she wasn't expecting people to be waiting for her when she got back. She had so many stories to tell, so many experiences to share yet, she had absolutely no one to tell those stories to. She sighed heavily as she sat on the chair by the kitchen counter and as she did so she felt an empty void of loneliness in the inner depths of her soul.

When she left town a year ago, she really didn't have time to feel lonely because she was always so busy. When she wasn't training, she was competing and when she wasn't doing any of that she just slept due to exhaustion. Shiloh thought that she had lived the picture perfect life but she did not know the half of it. In the dancing world, it was everyone for themselves and people would do everything and anything to get ahead of another person. Skyler was disliked by many because of her talent and always winning first place in each and every competition didn't help her at all. The few people that she thought liked her were only using her to their own advantage, so her life during that one year had been filled with nothing but snakes.

She had to fight against stress and pressure everyday and she honestly had no idea how to deal with it all since she had never been through such situations before. Yes, when she was in the group with Emily, they were constantly under stress and pressure but it was nothing compared to what she had been through that whole year. There was the pressure to be the best, or the pressure to maintain a good image in society and the hardest part of it all, the pressure of not blowing up in front of the press. As she won competitions, more and more companies wanted to work with her and when that happened, the media tried to eat her up alive just so that they could identify any flaw that she may have. She was classified as 'the hot new sensation' so everybody wanted to know every single detail about her with no stones left unturned.

Skyler couldn't count the number of times she had picked her phone to call Shiloh to tell her how hard everything was and that living her dream was not what she had expected, but of course she never did make the call. She knew that Shiloh would most likely tell her that she was reaping what she sowed and would not have one comforting word to tell her. Yet despite wanting to talk to her sister about her own life, Skyler never even tried to keep tabs on Shiloh, at that time she didn't even know what Shiloh was doing to make a living. All she had done throughout that whole year was think of herself and her life and the worst part was that Skyler never thought that there was anything wrong with her attitude.

"Shiloh has every right to be mad at me," she said to herself, "I am a bad person. She is right to hate me and stay away from me, I'm the worst sister in the world." Skyler got up from the kitchen counter and made her way to her bedroom and opened her wardrobe. She was so restless that she decided to finish the day by going out. Maybe another walk could help her really clear her thoughts, maybe the night sky would inspire her to focus on her next project instead of always thinking about Shiloh. She quickly got changed, abandoning the dress that she was wearing for a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a black top and a black hoodie. She also decided to wear old school converse shoes from the nineties, Skyler had always been a fan of vintage objects.

"Okay, I think I'm ready, let's see what the night life in this city has to offer," Skyler thought to herself with little enthusiasm as she left her bedroom and grabbed her keys from the kitchen counter.

The night was beautiful, the sky was filled with an endless canopy of stars which illuminated the city in their own special way. In fact the night sky seemed to hide all of the city's imperfections and a sense of innocence could somehow be felt in the atmosphere.

"Okay where do I go? There isn't a single interesting place in this God Forsaken city," Skyler muttered to herself as she looked from left to right, obviously the feeling of innocence in the atmosphere didn't affect Skyler at all. She walked for a couple of meters when she noticed the park and thought that it would be a good idea to just go sit down and observe perfect strangers. When she got there, she saw that an event was just about to begin, it was free of charge and stands had been placed for people to sit down and watch. 

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