Chapter 35: CHAOS Part 3

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Skyler carefully made her to the back of the store. She had to be very careful as there were boxes everywhere. Chelsea had sent her in the store with no plan at all.

"You have more of a chance to capture her," Skyler said as she mimicked Chelsea. "Ugh." She soon got to the door that led to the store and she heard Emily giving everyone orders.

"If anyone so much as moves I will blast their heads off," Emily warned. Skyler glanced through the window of the door before hiding again. Emily also had a suit and a mask, in fact Emily's suit looked quite familiar to Skyler but she couldn't put a finger on where she seen that.

Emily's eyes remained open as she spoke so Skyler guessed that Emily had been trained to control her powers as well.

"If Chelsea were here, she would tell me to wait it out a lil," Skyler thought to herself, "so I'll wait for some sort of opening."

Soon there was complete silence in and outside the store. Skyler guessed that Chelsea must've gotten to the local cops. She nervously touched the knob of the door and tried to open it as silently as possible but as soon as it opened the door made a creaky sound that caught Emily's attention.

"That door didn't open by itself! Come out whoever you are!" Emily said loudly. Skyler did not move a muscle.

"If you don't come out I will execute someone!" Emily threatened. Skyler's blood grew cold when she heard that, she knew that she did not have any other option.

In the meantime Jade told her that Troy was on his way to help her since he had manage to evade the rest of Shiloh and the others and that Ryan had accomplished his mission and was on his way back to base. Emily knew that she had to do something to buy time until Troy arrived.

"I said come out," she repeated. "You have five seconds before I blast this guy's head off. Five... four... three... two..."

Skyler stepped out and showed herself. Emily did not recognize Skyler but was taken aback in surprise when she her. She obviously was not expecting to see another masked person.

"Who are you?" she immediately asked. It was at that moment that Skyler realized that she never thought of a name for herself. "You know what, I don't care who you are! I'll just destroy you straight away."

Emily focused her attention on Skyler, when Skyler saw that she quickly read Emily's mind so she knew exactly what she was planning to do. She quickly behind a counter as Emily projected her blasts at Skyler.

Emily kept projecting her blasts at Skyler until Skyler found herself in a vulnerable position. It was then that Skyler understood that Emily was in full control of her powers and Skyler felt the danger she was in. She could feel the hatred that Emily was projecting towards despite not knowing that it her (Skyler) behind the mask. It was then that Skyler felt the surge in her body and her eyes turned stormy blue. When that happened, every single drop of self-doubt left Skyler's body. It was as if she and her suit had become one person as she felt it connect with her thoughts and emotions. As she turned her full attention to Emily she felt her powers kicking into the core of her soul and without a word she tore the counter of a steel table and threw it at Emily. When Emily saw that, she blasted the counted into pieces but that gave Skyler time to run up to her and spear her. She and Emily crashed to the floor as the hostages started screaming in fear. Without wasting anytime Skyler covered Emily's eyes before she could do anything. She thought of a blindfold and before she knew it, the suit's material on her left hand somehow went around Emily's head covering her eyes completely.

"Everyone get outa the store!" Skyler ordered. The hostages didn't have to be told twice, they all got up from every single corner in the store and ran out.

When Emily heard Skyler she immediately recognized the voice.

"You?" she asked in shock even though she couldn't see anything. Before Skyler could respond, Troy entered the store as a policeman.

"I thought I said..."

"Shut-up!" Troy told Skyler as he controlled the element of air and sent beer bottles towards Skyler.

Skyler blocked them in the nick of time and when the glass bottles hit her, they smashed and fell to the floor and Skyler got up unharmed.

Skyler immediately understood that the officer was in fact tornado boy but before she could do anything he created a tornado again projection all sorts of objects towards Skyler and all over the store, whilst destroying the store at the same time. By the time his winds died down, he and Emily were nowhere to be seen. Skyler slowly got up, but couldn't not stay in the store for long as she felt the roof caving in. She quickly ran out and made it outside just in time. Chelsea and the others were waiting for her, Shiloh and Ben had arrived to.

"Are you alright?" Chelsea asked. Skyler nodded even though she felt very exhausted. "We need to get out of here now," Chelsea continued, "the airship is about to pass." Skyler was too tired to ask what the airship was and silently followed everyone back to the vans.

It was a silent trip back to the organization. Skyler started at everyone. Shiloh seemed frustrated, Ben seemed hurt and Chelsea disappointed.

"How come I had no backup in there?" Skyler asked as she broke the silence. Shiloh glared at her sister before answering in Chelsea's place.

"There was a lot of chaos, you just sent the hostages outside, and you could've gotten them killed" she said angrily. "And we saw a police officer go in and..."

"And then we saw the tornado again," Chelsea said.

"Well that wasn't a police officer," Skyler said as she glared at her sister with frustration.

"What do you mean?" Ben asked.

"That policeman was in fact Tornado Boy. He has the power to shape shift. Guess how he disappeared the first time around," Skyler replied as she still glared at her sister. As soon as Chelsea heard that she remembered the little boy she had given a bar of chocolate to. She realized that she had been played.

"Damn, if this dude can really shape shift, we are in for a harder time than we thought," Ben commented. The van fell silent again.

"What the hell did I get myself into," Skyler thought to herself.

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