Chapter 31: The Suit

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Skyler found herself in a different kind of room. Chris and Melanie were there with her, but General Williams and the others weren't. Chris was standing behind a laptop while Melanie seemed to be giving him some instructions. She observed how Chris was very attentive to every single word that Melanie told him. She could see the excitement in his eyes as Melanie gave him a pat on the shoulder. Melanie finally made her way to where Skyler was standing.

"There are a few things you need to know," she started off before Skyler could say anything. "The suit is part of you. It is like an artificial intelligence that will do what you tell it to do through your mind but sometimes it could have a mind of its own..."

"Wait what?" Skyler asked in shock.

"The suit is connected to you, sometimes it could do what you are feeling instead of what you are thinking. I know it sounds absurd, but with time you'll understand. For now we need to see how you feel in it."

"Yeah how exactly am I..." Before Skyler could finish her sentence Melanie touched the left part of Skyler's neck. At that moment it felt as if Skyler had some sort of button in the inside of her neck. Within milliseconds Skyler felt something engulf the clothes she had on as it made its way to the surface of her skin. Soon she felt smooth skin like material on her, the only part that was not covered was her head and face. She looked at her arms, admiring the black suite.

"You have a hoodie," Melanie said.

"Excuse me what?" Skyler asked as she continued to admire her suit.

"We didn't think it would be nice to have it come out of your skull as well, so we created a system where there was extra material that would come out from the back of your neck," Melanie said as she made her way behind Skyler and put the hoodie over Skyler's head. It immediately stuck to her head making her hair disappear and there was even an eye mask connected to it in the front which covered Skyler's eyes.

"There, no one will ever know your true identity," Melanie said as she put a mirror in front of Skyler's face.

"YO THAT IS SICK!" Chris shouted from the other side of the room. Skyler for her part was in awe. Never in her entire life would she have imagined that this would be her life but something down deep inside of her felt good. She felt unstoppable, untouchable, she even almost felt invincible!

"How do you feel?" Melanie asked in a small concerned voice. Skyler looked up at her and for the first time since being at the facility, she smiled genuinely at Melanie.

"I actually feel good," she replied.

"Good, and your lightheadedness?"

"What lightheadedness?" Skyler replied with a smirk. Much to her surprise Melanie smirked too.

"Good, now we are gonna do simulations again and you are gonna use your powers and your suit to defeat all the villains in each simulations," Melanie told her as she pressed a button on the tablet she was holding. "Now you will be able to hear everything Chris and I tell you from a distance."

"Yeah this is gonna be fun, don't worry Skyler you'll do great! Oh and guess what, we decided to add some music in the simulations, but of course there will be a time when the music will stop because you won't have music when you'll be out there. The music is just to help you in the first couple of simulations. That okay?" Chris said. Skyler nodded at Chris.

"Okay," Melanie said as she stood next to Chris, "simulations starting in three... two... one..."

The room's lighting changed to pitch black. Skyler knew that General Williams and the others were watching her from somewhere and she didn't want to mess anything up. Soon she found herself in an abandoned ally.

"Gees, I just can't stop wondering where these people get the money to do all of this," she thought to herself, but she quickly brushed off that thought. "Concentrate Skyler. You can do this. You can and you will do this," she said to herself. Without warning two mutant like beings appeared in the ally and made a beeline for Skyler and as soon as they did, Skyler heard some sort of techno music playing in the background.

"Here goes nothing," Skyler said to herself as she got ready to fight. She quickly tripped one of the mutants so that she could have a fair fight for a couple of seconds, but it immediately got back to its feet.

"Damn!" Skyler said to herself. She was concentrating so much on the mutant that got back up immediately that she didn't notice the other mutants kick to her abdomen which sent her falling back.

"Skyler remember that you have a suit now," Melanie told her, "use it to your advantage. Tell it what to do with your powers!"

Skyler nodded as she slowly got back up. The two mutants had her surrounded. She skimmed around looking for something that maybe helpful to her but found nothing. Then she looked at the ground and realized that ally was made out of tiny rocks and pebbles.

"Why didn't I notice this earlier," she thought to herself. She quickly bent down and place her hands on the rocks and pebbles. "I want to have rock hands," she thought to herself. Much to her astonishment the material on her hands turned into two rocky fists. Skyler was so shocked she didn't move for a few seconds.

"Skyler watch out!" Chris shouted. Skyler heard his warning just in time and ducked a punch from both mutants. She quickly stabilized herself and started to really listen to the music playing in the background. Moving to the beat of the music she threw out a punch hitting one of the mutants in the jaw, whilst kicking the other in the stomach.

Soon she was in a very even fight with the mutants but her energy level was running low, Skyler knew she had to do something to defeat them or capture them. She noticed that she was once again in the middle of them and called out to them.

"Hey come and get me you ugly beasts!" With that they both made a beeline for her, one on the left and the other on the right and just as they were about to attack her, Skyler moved out of the way and they crashed into each other. Skyler noticed a fence nearby and quickly melted the iron and then solidified it into and rope and tied the knocked up mutants together. She then heard a voice.


"Brace yourself for simulation two Skyler," Melanie told her before she could celebrate.

"Bring it," Skyler said confidently, "I can take on anything."

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