Chapter 21: The Simulation and The Chair

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Forty-five minutes later Skyler entered the training room, but this time there was nothing in the room. All the weapons that were in it before had disappeared.

"There is a reason behind all of this," she said to herself, "I'm just gonna sit on the floor and wait." As she sat down she observed the walls of the training room. She was sure that there were microscopic characters and that the General and everyone else were watching her every move.

"She looks so calm," Chris said to Melanie.

"She isn't stupid, she knows she is in there for training, she is just waiting for instructions," Melanie replied. Chris observed Melanie. He could tell that she was still very angry with Skyler. Chris knew that he had to be very careful around Melanie. He needed to make sure that he didn't say anything that could tick Melanie off, otherwise he would be on the receiving end of very unpleasant words.

"So when is the simulation going to begin?" he asked slowly and cautiously.

"We are just waiting for the General to join and then we will..."

"I'm right here," General Williams said as she entered the room. "But before we start there is something you both should know." Melanie and Chris immediately turned their attention to the boss.

"When I went to see Skyler in her quarters this morning, she was attempting to commit suicide." The General watched as Chris and Melanie's eyes widened in shock. "Luckily I was watching the feed from her room and saw what she was trying to do. I don't know what happened for her to want to take that step, but I need you both to take this into consideration during the simulation." There was silence for a moment. "Also I promised Skyler that I would not say anything, but since you and her have become friends Agent Stone, you could talk to her about it later."

Melanie nodded as she felt Chris gazing at her. She knew what had prompted Skyler to take such a drastic step, she was sure that it was the guilt that Skyler had been feeling that pushed her towards that decision. She knew she was partly to blame because she hadn't given Skyler the time of day and didn't accept her apology. Melanie felt a little sting in her gut, what if General Williams hadn't been there, she knew that she wouldn't have been able to live with that kind of guilt.

"I'm glad you where there General, the transition has been hard for Skyler. We will take her emotional stability into consideration during this training session," Melanie finally said.

"Good, so let's get started."

Skyler let out a frustrated sigh, minutes had passed by but nothing was happening. She started to wonder if the General and the others were testing her patience. If they were, she was going to fail the test because she already felt frustration building inside of her.

"Okay Skyler we will get started. Thank you for being patient." Skyler looked around her as she heard Melanie's voice. She immediately understood what was going to go down. She stood up slowly.

"Good I was about to tell you to stand up. Chris and I have prepared simulations for you this morning. It'll be a virtual representation of multiple scenarios. Each scenario will last five minutes. Nod if you understand." Skyler nodded. "Great and one more thing, these scenarios may be virtual but they will feel very real and the people you fight with or try to save will feel everything too." Skyler nodded again.

"Okay," Chris said, "the first simulation will begin in five, four, three, two, one..."

The training room darkened suddenly but to Skyler's surprise her eyes adjusted almost immediately. She remained alert unaware of what to expect. The lights came back on in a flash and Skyler found herself on a busy street. All sorts of people walked passed her, from teenagers on their way to school, men and women who looked like they were on their way to work and a nanny taking a child to school. Skyler kept her eyes peeled, she knew that something was going to happen any time soon.

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