Chapter 55: Final Battle

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Ethan had never run so fast in his life, he could hear that the others were right behind him. However, he was not worried because this was all part of the plan. He had used his announcement as a ruse to lure his enemies to his place. He was always a step ahead of them and like fools they were running after him without thinking. He arrived in front of a black steel door, looked behind him and smirked before entering the room behind the door. Skyler arrived at the door first and was going to open it in haste but Chelsea stopped her.

"I'll go in first," she told her.

"I'm the one with powers I should go in first!" Skyler snapped back stubbornly.

"I said I'm going in first," Chelsea said firmly as she shoved Skyler out of the way. Without hesitating Chelsea opened the door with authority.

"Ethan your time is..." Chelsea stopped speaking immediately and as the other entered they understood why. They were greeted with Emily and Troy who were already ready for battle.

"You people think I didn't know you were coming?" Ethan asked sarcastically. "I lured you here! I've always been steps ahead of you."

"Where is Shiloh?" Skyler asked.

"Oh Skyler, how does it feel to be betrayed huh? Especially by one of your own?" Emily asked with a laugh.

"Yeah so I'm gonna go! Your four enjoy your time with Lycan and Projection," Ethan said as he hurried to the back of the room, where there was another door.

"This is gonna be fuuun!" Troy said with an evil smirk. However before he could do anything, Chelsea shot him in the arm, leg and stomach. Troy fell down in pain but the pain didn't last for long. Within seconds his wounds started to heal.

"What the..." before Ben could finish his sentence Emily projected rays towards them. They all had to jump out of the way.

"Okay that's it! Melanie use your gun as wisely as possible and try not to stay too far from me okay?" Melanie nodded with confidence. Skyler closed her eyes and she felt her powers connect with her suit, she looked up and saw that Lycan has started to control the element of wind to create projectiles that he directed towards Ben and Chelsea. Skyler knew she could do better than that.

"If I could intercept those projectiles and send them back to him and Emily at the same time. Skyler got up and ran towards Emily first who was preparing herself to finish off Melanie and Skyler. She quickly speared Emily to the floor and punched her several times. She then placed her hands on Emily's temple and scrambled with her mind. Well that's what she wanted to do and it worked! Troy was too busy attacking Chelsea and Ben to notice that Emily was in trouble. Once Skyler had finished with Emily, it seemed like Emily wasn't even aware of where she was and what she was doing.

"Stay behind me," Skyler told Melanie. She then proceeded to attack Troy from behind by kicking him at the back of his legs, but he somehow managed to keep the projectiles in the air. Skyler knew then that he was more powerful than Emily, but she had to try to scramble his thoughts as well. Troy was a tough guy and he fought back, returning kick for kick and punch for punch. He had somehow controlled the projectiles so that they were turning in circles around Skyler and him. Neither Chelsea, Melanie nor Ben could get a clear shot.

"Go find Ethan!" Skyler shouted. "I'll be fine! Go find him and I'll join you guys soon!" Chelsea nodded hesitantly agreed but she trusted that Skyler could take care of herself. She, Ben and Melanie hurried to the back door.

"Aww ain't that sweet! You've bought them a couple of seconds, but don't worry, I'll make sure their deaths are short and sweet," Troy said as he controlled the projectiles to float behind him. "You know, I have no idea why Ethan makes a big deal about you, there is absolutely nothing special about you!"

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