CHAPTER 54: Slavery or Die!

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Leonard was not surprised at the amount of people that turned up at the park. It seemed like everyone had come out of their hiding places to surrender to the enemy. He understood them though, he would've taken the same decision for sure.

He felt that he and his wife had fail. The whole purpose of the Organization was to avoid such situations but Ethan had managed to ruin everything. The army was told not to interfere till further notice and the police had very much surrendered. None of the men or women or the force had been trained to face this kind of problem. Now that the secret was out the government had put tons of pressure on him and his wife to sort out the problem as quickly as possible otherwise the Organization would have to shut down and another program would be introduced.

Leonard was not about to let that happen. He and Natalya had worked for too much and far too hard, invested way too much for their program to be shut down. They believed in their cause and he was sure that they would win this battle. After that he knew that he and Natalya would have to mend fences with their daughter. Chelsea had always thought they were dead, she was made to believe that they were killed in a train crash shortly after her birth. Of course due to the secrecy of their project, they didn't want to put Chelsea in danger but they always kept close tabs on her. They made sure that she was trained to work for them so that they always knew where she was.

"Sir do you hear me?" General suddenly asked in his ear piece.

"Yes I do Krystal. Is everyone in position?" he asked her.

"Yes Sir. Ben and Chelsea are on the south side of your position, Chris is also not far away and he is monitoring your every move with an invisible drone so everyone can follow you. Melanie and Skyler are on the west side of the park. Do not worry everyone is hidden."

"And the other agents?"

"They are all in place Sir, once every one starts moving, they will join the crowd as civilians."

"Hope they got damn good disguises!"

"We did our very best Sir."

"That's just it Krystal, our very best might not be enough."

"Now dear let's try to stay positive," Natalya said. "We are going to win this today itself!"

"This better work Natalya. It just has to."

"It will dear."

Soon Leonard noticed the crowd gathering in front of a couple people. He moved closer to join the crowd. As he got closer he knew for sure that those people were part of Ethan's army as one of them started showing off her electrical powers.

"Now listen up," one of them said. "If you wanna survive all you have to do is raise your right hand and follow us! Now if you wanna die don't follow us. You have already been warned that you will not survive what is coming, so you have been given the freedom to choose to live... Or to die!"

"Now who will raise their right hands and follow us?" the Electrocutionist asked as she created electrical sparks with her two hands. Everyone in attendance immediately raised their right hands, as did Leonard.

"Good choice people! Now follow us!"

With that everyone began to follow Ethan's people in silence. Leonard looked around him, he could tell that these people were doing this out of fear and because they knew that had no choice at all. He couldn't wait to free them from all this pain.

"It's show time," he muttered.


"You heard the boss, let's go," Melanie told Skyler.

"Look Mel I think you should stay behind, or at least help Chris with the drone. This is too dangerous for you," Skyler said in a pleading voice.

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