[37] Confession

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"Chat Noir?" You asked, opening the window. Chat Noir was standing out on your balcony, a smile on his face. "Hello, (Y/N), " he said, stepping in through the window. "You seemed so surprised to see me, " he said, giggling. "No, i guess i just sort of expected you to come as Adrien. Although i don't really mind either way, " you said. "Understandable, " he replied. You moved out of the way so he could climb in through the window. He smiled. "So, i'm gonna guess the reason you wanted me to come over has something to do with that?" He asked, pointing to all of the research things on the floor. You nodded, taking a deep breath.

"I told master Fu about hawkmoth taking me, and he and I came to the conclusion that he probably has a secret hide out. So, it's up to us to find it, " you said. Chat Noir nodded, taking a seat on the floor. "We've been marking spots the hideout could be on this map here, " you said, pointing to the map on the floor. "What do you mean by we?" He asked, and then caught eye of Tikki. "Oh!" He said. Tikki looked up and gave him an awkward smile. "Are you her kwami?" He asked, genuinely curious. "Yep, i'm Tikki! Nice to meet you!" She said, sticking her hand out. Chat Noir smiled brightly and stuck his pinky out for her to shake.

You thought that whole scene in general was adorable, but didn't say anything. "I'm guessing you know who Hawkmoth is? I know we had our suspicions but, who is it really?" He asked. You were about to say something, when it all hit you at once. Chat Noir was Adrien, and Gabriel was Adrien's dad. You knew that would probably devestate him, but you weren't about to lie to his face. "Oh um..." You mumbled, pushing your fingers together. You let out a loud sigh, causing him to tilt his head in confusion. "Chat Noir... I don't wanna upset you, but... Hawkmoth is-" The idea of making him upset hurt you, but lying was worse and you knew that. "Gabriel Agreste, " you said, frowning.

Chat Noir's expression quickly went from nuetral to sad, and it hurt just seeing how visibly upset he is. "Oh, " he said, looking down. "I'm sorry, " you said. "It's alright, it's not like you had a say in it, " he said. He let out a long sigh, and then looked up at you, giving you a weak smile. "Well, regardless of if my father is Hawkmoth or not, we should give it all we've got, " he said. "Right!" You replied. You bent down and grabbed a book, and then handed it to him. "This has a lot about the architecture in France. If anything sounds like it could help, let me know, " you said. "Got it!" He said, sitting criss cross on the floor. For a little bit, everything was silent other then the sounds of pages flipping and things being drawn on the map.

"Hey, what about this?" Chat Noir suggested, putting his finger. "Hm?" You asked, peaking over his shoulder. "It's a "construction sight" thats been under construction for years, but has shown no sign of improvement. Like, nothing new has been built there yet nobody does anything about it, " Chat Noir said. "Actually, Kitty, Thats a really good idea! Nice eye, " you said, marking off the spot on the map with an X. Chat Noir smiled, making an expression as if he was proud of himself. A little bit later, you finally set down your book. "I think thats enough tracking, do you think we should get looking for it now?" You asked. "I think so, it's already eleven anyways, " Chat Noir said. "Right, " you replied.

You were about to transform, but then you realized. "Ah, it feels a bit strange to transform infront of somebody else, " you said, laughing awkwardly. Chat Noir gave you a gentle grin. "I get it, but theres no need to feel weird. I have a miraculous too, so it's not strange to me, " Chat Noir said. You nodded. "Yeah... Alright. Tikki, spots on!" You said, transforming into Ladybug. "Lets get going, " you said, picking up the map for reference. Chat Noir had a surprised facial expression for a moment, but then shook it off. You opened up the window, and then you and Chat Noir jumped out of it. "Lets start with the closest spot, and then make our way until we reach the farthest?" You suggested. "That makes the most sense, " Chat Noir replied. So, thats what you did.

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