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With A Pen To My Arm || Adrien/Chat Noir x OC by CallousDivinity
With A Pen To My Arm || Adrien/ cαłłøυš đıνıиıтч
"You're an idiot, Adrien Agreste" I said with a grin on my face. He looked confused and I couldn't stop the laugh that bubbled out of my throat. "I was co...
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Picture Perfect (Adrien x Reader x Chat Noir) by bopzsh
Picture Perfect (Adrien x Reader Shpocklz
Highest Rank: #14 - Fanfiction #1 - ReaderxCharacter #9 -xreader What happens when (Y/N), one of the most famous teen models from (Y/C), is forced to date Paris' hottes...
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Je t'aime trop  (Adrien Agreste/ Chat Noir X Reader) by JarelGomez13
Je t'aime trop (Adrien Agreste/ fuckyeahshklance
Amazing cover by @Mysticauthor-chan After consistent rejection, Chat Noir has learned that his love for Ladybug could never be returned for who he really is, neither as...
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Lost in your Arms by luxiian
Lost in your Armsby L U X
Twenty-four year-old Adrien Agreste has everything he could ever ask for. A loving wife, a successful business and the nightlife super hero persona he called Chat Noir. ...
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Chat Noir X Reader  by Panda_Chan74
Chat Noir X Reader by Jungkooksswifeyy
Y/n Y/l is the daughter of the famous singer/model Y/m/n your mom decides to move to the city of love, Paris. Which means new school, new friends, new start. You never l...
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Long Live The Queen by miraculousgrande
Long Live The Queenby amberle
Marinette has a very big secret. She is the princess of China. When Marinettes class win a contest that allows them to go to the Princess' coronation, what secrets await...
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Tutor Sessions ||Adrienette by Hiromimi
Tutor Sessions ||Adrienetteby • a m i t y •
❝Even if there was no gravity left on earth I'd still fall for you.❞ Sometimes, failing at things can lead to something beautiful; just like when Marinette failed Chem...
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His Mute Princess  by Mistressdemalchance
His Mute Princess by Little Lady
A Miraculous Ladybug AU (In this AU Marinette isn't ladybug. Chat Noir and Labybug are bestfriends and he doesn't have feelings for her) Adrien had finally convinced hi...
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Lurking「 miraculous ㅡ Yandere!Adrien/Chat Noir 」 by moechinim
Lurking「 miraculous ㅡ Yandere! 「月亮」🌙
Adrien began taking interest towards Marinette. He can't help but adore and worship his Princess. But he started to change as soon as he tried lurking in the darkness. Y...
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she's mine by trippingoveraknife
she's mineby trippingoveraknife
marinette and adrien have been hiding their feelings for too long. adrien becomes jealous and realizes that marinette is more than just a friend. read this story to find...
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  • miraculousladybug
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Chat Noir/Adrien X Reader One-shots by ShancyLove
Chat Noir/Adrien X Reader One-shotsby Shancy Love
Chat Noir/Adrien X Reader one-shots Cover made by _Dameloup_
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The next Ladybug {Chat Noir X reader}  by Xchatnoir
The next Ladybug {Chat Noir X Josie✨
"So.. Partners?" "Partners." You and your father, a business man, have recently moved to Paris, France, after your father being promoted at his job...
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M'Lady: A Miraculous Fanfiction by FictionDreams123
M'Lady: A Miraculous Fanfictionby Lexi ♥
"B-but, M'Lady-" "I said no, Chat. I like someone else." She cut me off. I stare down. "I know, but you must have a bit of feeling in your hear...
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Those Eyes (Chat Noir/ Adrien Agreste X Reader) ✔️ by FontFreak
Those Eyes (Chat Noir/ Adrien Takin a break
][COMPLETED][WARNING: THE STORY IS OLD AND THEREFORE IT DOES NOT HAVE A GOOD PLOT. PLEASE BE AWARE][ If you were to actually like someone, it'd be your savour, Chat Noir...
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Sadistic Dominant (Chat Noir/Adrien x Reader...WARNING-Smut!) by Gimme20Dollazplz
Sadistic Dominant (Chat Noir/ arianna cativo
Chat Noir is Paris' superhero. Everyone knows this for a fact. But do they know the history of Chat Noir? Chat Noir is said to be a flirty and the dominant one. But do y...
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♤Emerald♤ (Adrien/Chat Noir x Reader)  by miraculousdayz
♤Emerald♤ (Adrien/Chat Noir x smol weeb🌻
You move to Paris with your mom who is secretly Athena. The goddess of wisdom. Your father, Poseidon, is on mount Olympus taking care of his duties. You knew he was alwa...
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Marinette's Scene by -Avery-Babe-
Marinette's Sceneby Callee
This girl had a normal life until one day went terribly wrong. She was pregnant with a superhero's baby. Marinette struggles to tell Chat about her baby but he has a sma...
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  • marinette
  • miraculousladybug
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Red String • Marichat by marichat_sins
Red String • Marichatby Taylor Alexis
"A Princess deserves to get spoiled everyday, but on her birthday, she should be spoiled even more. Especially since she's you Marinette." These characters are...
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Certain Akuma {Cat Noir X Homeschooled! Reader} by cowgirlzeddison
Certain Akuma {Cat Noir X CrazyFangirl
Y/N is akumatized into Stressora when schoolwork and her sibling gets to her. When she's defeated it's night so Cat Noir takes her home so she'll be safe, since Ladybug...
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Miraculous Ladybug Oneshots by paria__
Miraculous Ladybug Oneshotsby patricia
【 requests are open 】
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