[35] floating feelings

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Chat Noir yanked off his ring. You felt a wave of utter shock rush over you, and you could barely process any other emotion, only being able to gasp. You watched Chat Noir detransform in front of your eyes. You wanted to say something, but you felt like you were choking on your own words, which just came out sounding like a bunch of gibberish. "Adrien...?" You finally mumbled. Adriens expression seemed surprised at first, more so at himself. His expression stayed the same until it appeared to melt into sadness. He then acknowledged he was no longer Chat Noir, and his confidence seemed to be torn away from him. He slowly nodded. "Oh, " He said, looking down at his hands. "I'm sorry if you're... disappointed, " he said. Your heart felt like it was going to burst when he said that, that was the opposite of how you were feeling.

"No, no no no, I'm not. Why would I be disappointed?" You asked. "I don't know, maybe you were expecting someone cooler, " he said, rubbing his arm. "But, it wasn't fair if I knew who you were and you didn't know who I was, " he said. You still felt uneasy, but not because of Adrien. You didn't know what to say at first, so you just wrapped your arms around him in a tight embrace. "Adrien, you're the coolest person that could've been Chat Noir, " you said, refusing to let go of the hug. Adrien said nothing, he just hugged back, managing to smile softly. "I don't really know what else to say but... I'm happy it was you, " you said with a smile. You wanted to tell him everything right then, but knew it was a bad idea.

"I'm happy it was you too, (Y/N), " Adrien replied. You thought for a moment of something to reply with. "Thanks for being honest, I appreciate it, " you said. "No problem, " he replied. "Can I do something?" He asked. "Sure... what?" You asked in response. Adrien took a step closer to you and gently grabbed your chin, pulling your mouth up to his. He softly pressed his lips against yours, kissing you. It startled you at first, despite the fact you had kissed before. It took a second before you kissed back. And while it lasted a bit longer than your first kiss, he pulled away quickly. "Chat- Adrien- I, " you stuttered for something to say. He then began to laugh, and you were confused as to why. "What's so funny?" You asked, tilting your head.

"It's just-" Adrien said but was cut off by his own giggles. You frowned for a moment, maybe he was having second thoughts. "You're just so adorable, it's hard to keep a straight face, " he said. "Oh, " you mumbled, a blush creeping onto your face. "See, I don't quite understand it, " he said, looking up. "What don't you understand?" You asked, tilting your head in confusion. "How everything you do is so cute. It's almost too cute to bare, " he said. Your blush only got worse from there. "A-adrien, when you say things like that-" you said, and then came to a sudden stop. "Nevermind, " you mumbled. "Hey, it's getting kind of late, " you said. It was a bit of an excuse. You wanted to hang out with him, but you were so flustered you didn't know what to do with yourself.

"You're right. We should probably get going, " he said. "Goodnight, m'lady, " he said. "goodnight, Kitty, " you responded, swinging off with your yo-yo. Adrien slipped his ring back on as you swung away, and Plagg appeared. "I can't tell if you're an idiot or a genius, " Plagg said. Adrien shook his head. "I'm not sure if I know the answer myself, " he says. "Plagg, claws out, " he said, transforming into Chat Noir and then jumping off.

You got home and plopped onto your bed, not even able to mutter a word. Tikki flew up to you. She had a lot to say but wasn't sure what to say first. "(Y/N), are you okay?" She asked, frowning. You slowly lift your head up from your pillow. "I don't know, honestly, " you replied, Tikki nodded. "I feel like every emotion I have is swirling inside of me, " you said. "I don't know how I never realized, it makes me so frustrated at myself, " you said. "Don't be mad at yourself, (Y/N)! You didn't do anything wrong-" Tikki said. "Then why do I feel like I did? He makes me so confused on how I feel, " you said. "You probably need to rest, (Y/N)," Tikki replied. "Your right, I should probably see Master Fu tomorrow too. I need to tell him what happened, " you said. "Goodnight, Tikki, " you said. "Goodnight, (Y/N)."

The next morning, you woke up. The same nervous feeling in your gut from the night before, but a little more relaxed now. "Good morning, Tikki, " you said, yawning. "Good morning, (Y/N). Ready to see master Fu?" She asked. Quite frankly, you weren't even sure if you were ready, but you knew you had to. "Yeah, just give me a second to get ready, " you said, tiredly getting out of bed. You did your morning routine, ate, and grabbed your bag. "Alright, Tikki. Let's get going, " you said, holding your bag open for her. Tikki flew into your bag, and then you left the house.

You made your way to master Fu's place, and swung open the door. "Greetings, Ladybug, " master Fu said, sounding as if he had been waiting for you, which he probably had been. "Hello, Master Fu, " you said, folding your hands together. "What's wrong? You seem tense, " he said. You were a bit startled by his words. "How did you-" you stopped your sentence there. You realized it wasn't really out of character for him to ask. "I just have so much to tell you, " you said. Master Fu nodded, ready to listen. "Well, for starters, I found out who Hawkmoth is, " you said. For once, his eyes widened in surprise. "Who?" he asked, sounding more interested then he ever had before.

You went on to tell him what had happened, everything from finding Hawkmoth's lair to getting locked up in it. He had his hands folded, he seemed to be thinking far. "You and Tikki did an impressive job escaping, I'd say, " he said. "However, that leads me to believe Hawkmoth and potentially your father have a lair hidden somewhere else, " Master Fu said. You nodded. "That's a high possibility and would explain why they were gone but never left France, " you said. "Yes, that's what I was thinking, " he said. "I'll need you and Chat Noir to work together and find it. But when you do, don't go inside, " he said. "Alright, " you replied. "Oh, wait- I have one other thing to tell you, " you said.

You weren't sure how he was going to react to the fact you knew who Chat Noir was. "Me and Chat Noir- I- I know who he- " you stuttered, you tried to speak but the words just wouldn't find their way out. "Oh, don't worry. I already know you know who he is, " he said, a smile rising to his face. "You do?" you asked. He nodded. "I've been waiting for you to know for a while now, " he said. You tilted your head in confusion. He began to laugh slightly. "You should probably get going, you have school, right?" he said. "Oh... right!" you said. "Thank you for everything!" you said. "Oh, and one more thing before you go. (Y/N), you should tell him how you feel. "


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